Ottawa Ontario Zoning Map

The Zoning Map for the City of Ottawa in Ontario divides the city’s real estate into zones based on land use and building regulations.

The Zoning Ordinance divides the city based on zoning, land use and building regulations information.

Use Zoneomics, to search for real estate records and find the precise property data you need.

The Property data comprises Zoning information by aggregating:

  • Municipal zoning mapping
  • Code & Ordinance Records
  • Related Data e.g. permitted uses, maximum building height, maximum floor area ratio etc.

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Quick Stats: Ottawa’s Most Common Zones



26.77% Land Coverage

373,882 Area



17.45% Land Coverage

243,731 Area

EP - EP3


10.3% Land Coverage

143,914 Area

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Ottawa, Ontario Zoning Districts Explained

Zoneomics operates the most comprehensive zoning database for Ottawa Ontario and other zoning maps across the U.S. Zoneomics includes over 50 million real estate properties, each property features zoning code/district, permitted land uses, development standards, rezoning and variance data. Zoneomics attracts a large community of Ontario real estate professionals. Members from Ontario include brokers, investors and service providers, many of whom specialize in Ontario Real Estate.

Zone Code Zone Name
*_AG2 AG
*_IG1 IG
*_IG[1608] H(21)-h IG
*_IL8[104] F(1.0) H(13.5) IL
*_IL8[16] F(1.0) H(11) IL
*_MC F(1.5) MC
*_MC12[110] F(3.0) H(19) MC
*_ME[1r]-h ME
*_MR[490r] MR
*_O1L[329]-h O1
*_O1O O1
*_O1 O1
*_R3A[2229] R3
*_R3I R3
*_R4UD[1667] S77 R4
*_R4UD R4
*_R5B H(19) R5
*_R5B[850] H(37) R5
*_TM H(15) TM
*_TM H(19) TM
AG1[134r] AG
AG1[171r] AG
AG1[178r] AG
AG1[186r] AG
AG1[18r] AG
AG1[198r] AG
AG1[299r] AG
AG1[797r] AG
AG1[7r] AG
AG2[134r] AG
AG2[177r] AG
AG2[179r] AG
AG2[190r] AG
AG2[299r] AG
AG2[31r] AG
AG2[366r] AG
AG2[459r] AG
AG2[502r] AG
AG2[586r] AG
AG2[62r] AG
AG2[645r] AG
AG2[663r] AG
AG2[671r] AG
AG2[6r] AG
AG2[759r] AG
AG2[75r] AG
AG2[763r] AG
AG2[766r] AG
AG2[7r] AG
AG2[857r] AG
AG2[877r] AG
AG2[896r] AG
AG2[8r] AG
AG2[9r] AG
AG3[134r] AG
AG3[141r] AG
AG3[182r] AG
AG3[19r] AG
AG3[273r] AG
AG3[286r] AG
AG3[322r] AG
AG3[502r] AG
AG3[520r] AG
AG3[584r] AG
AG3[590r] AG
AG3[5r] AG
AG3[636r] AG
AG3[638r] AG
AG3[642r] AG
AG3[6r] AG
AG3[722r] AG
AG3[767r] AG
AG3[7r] AG
AG3[807r] AG
AG3[809r] AG
AG4[817r] AG
AG5[334r] AG
AG5[752r] AG
AG5[825r] AG
AG6[364r] AG
AG6[378r] AG
AG6[674r] AG
AG6[718r] AG
AG7[5r] AG
AG7[820r] AG
AG8[7r] AG
AG8[885r] AG
AG[101r] AG
AG[108r] AG
AG[111r] AG
AG[112r] AG
AG[117r] AG
AG[118r] AG
AG[126r] AG
AG[127r] AG
AG[133r] AG
AG[139r] AG
AG[142r] AG
AG[143r] AG
AG[144r] AG
AG[145r] AG
AG[147r] AG
AG[16r] AG
AG[175r] AG
AG[179r] AG
AG[180r] AG
AG[189r] AG
AG[18r] AG
AG[199r] AG
AG[19r] AG
AG[203r] AG
AG[205r] AG
AG[206r] AG
AG[209r] AG
AG[210r] AG
AG[211r] AG
AG[214r] AG
AG[217r] AG
AG[237r] AG
AG[244r] AG
AG[263r] AG
AG[264r] AG
AG[30r] AG
AG[319r] AG
AG[340r] AG
AG[444r] AG
AG[502r] AG
AG[520r] AG
AG[535r] AG
AG[536r] AG
AG[537r] AG
AG[539r] AG
AG[59r] AG
AG[5r] AG
AG[60r] AG
AG[63r] AG
AG[654r] AG
AG[669r] AG
AG[6r] AG
AG[740r] AG
AG[742r] AG
AG[762r] AG
AG[77r] AG
AG[782r] AG
AG[788r] AG
AG[798r] AG
AG[7r] AG
AG[884r] AG
AG[890r] AG
AG[891r] AG
AG[898r] AG
AG[8r] AG
AG[9r] AG
AM H(11) AM
AM H(20) AM
AM H(21) AM
AM H(30) AM
AM H(31) AM
AM H(34) AM
AM S320 AM
AM1 H(20) AM
AM1 H(30) AM
AM1 H(9) AM
AM1 [1913] H(27) AM
AM10 H(11) AM
AM10 H(15) AM
AM10 H(20) AM
AM10 H(34) AM
AM10 H(40) AM
AM10 H(48) AM
AM10 H(54) AM
AM10 S126 AM
AM10[1211] S228 AM
AM10[1374] AM
AM10[1393] AM
AM10[1418] AM
AM10[1459] AM
AM10[1658] AM
AM10[1676] AM
AM10[1779] AM
AM10[1911] S278 AM
AM10[1942] AM
AM10[195] H(34) AM
AM10[196] H(39) AM
AM10[202] AM
AM10[2154] H(11) AM
AM10[2177] AM
AM10[2181] H(20) AM
AM10[2189] AM
AM10[2193] AM
AM10[2194] AM
AM10[2196] H(11) AM
AM10[2196] H(20) AM
AM10[2196] AM
AM10[2197] H(11) AM
AM10[2198] H(20) AM
AM10[2199] H(15) AM
AM10[2199] AM
AM10[2200] AM
AM10[2201] H(15) AM
AM10[2201] AM
AM10[2202] AM
AM10[2203] AM
AM10[2204] AM
AM10[2205] AM
AM10[2208] H(20) AM
AM10[2209] AM
AM10[2210] AM
AM10[2211] AM
AM10[2212] AM
AM10[2213] AM
AM10[2215] AM
AM10[2217] H(34) AM
AM10[2217] AM
AM10[2373] AM
AM10[2383] H(32) AM
AM10[2383] H(39) AM
AM10[2383] AM
AM10[2393] S368 AM
AM10[2397] AM
AM10[2406] S372-h AM
AM10[2406] S372 AM
AM10[2518] S389 AM
AM10[2519] S389-h AM
AM10[2610] S407-h AM
AM10[2610] S407 AM
AM10[2672] S426 AM
AM10[2688] S431-h AM
AM10[2692] S434 AM
AM10[508] AM
AM10[632] AM
AM11[2208] AM
AM11[708] AM
AM12 H(70) AM
AM1[1329] AM
AM1[14] -h AM
AM1[154] AM
AM1[1913] AM
AM1[2003] S296 AM
AM1[2197] H(11) AM
AM1[385] AM
AM1[48] AM
AM2 H(11) AM
AM2 H(20) AM
AM2 H(30) AM
AM2[1216] H(20) AM
AM2[1253] H(20) AM
AM2[1737] H(20) AM
AM2[1737] H(30) AM
AM2[222] H(20) AM
AM2[223] H(20) AM
AM2[224] H(30) AM
AM2[225] H(20) AM
AM3[2705] S438 AM
AM3[442] AM
AM4 H(20) AM
AM5 H(34) AM
AM5[134] H(28) AM
AM5[19] H(28) AM
AM5[19] AM
AM5[20] H(26) AM
AM5[2126] S262 AM
AM5[436] AM
AM7[1444] AM
AM7[1445] AM
AM7[1446] AM
AM7[1569] H(35) AM
AM7[1570] AM
AM7[1695] H(35) AM
AM7[1695] AM
AM7[1894] AM
AM8[1917] AM
AM9 H(11) AM
AM9[1494]-h AM
AM9[1699]-h AM
AM9[2100] AM
AM9[2101] AM
AM9[2102] AM
AM9[233] AM
AM9[2640] S416 AM
AM9[474] AM
AM[1198] H(30) S265 AM
AM[1375] AM
AM[1443] AM
AM[1556] AM
AM[1607] H(21)-h AM
AM[1620] AM
AM[1688] H(34) AM
AM[1690] AM
AM[1711] S248, 249 AM
AM[186] AM
AM[1889] S273, 274 AM
AM[1913] H(20) AM
AM[1913] AM
AM[2022] H(28) AM
AM[2022] S303 AM
AM[2032] H(143) AM
AM[206] H(30) AM
AM[210] H(18.5) AM
AM[211] H(21) AM
AM[2139] AM
AM[213] H(21) AM
AM[2142] AM
AM[2149] AM
AM[2150] AM
AM[2151] AM
AM[2152] F(3.5) S437-h AM
AM[2152] F(3.5) S437 AM
AM[217] H(30) AM
AM[2181] H(11) AM
AM[2195] AM
AM[21] S114 AM
AM[2206] AM
AM[2207] AM
AM[2413] H(21) AM
AM[2414] H(40)-h AM
AM[2414] H(40) AM
AM[2529] H(11) AM
AM[2577] AM
AM[263] AM
AM[287] AM
AM[291] H(11) AM
AM[449] H(20) AM
AM[473] H(21) AM
DR S183 DR
DR1[2344] DR
DR1[402r] DR
DR1[750r] DR
DR[1280] DR
DR[1324] DR
DR[1442] DR
DR[1537] DR
DR[1548] DR
DR[1606] DR
DR[1932] DR
DR[1933]-h DR
DR[1] DR
DR[2316]-h DR
DR[2387] DR
DR[2492]-h DR
DR[426] DR
DR[427] DR
DR[459]-h DR
EP S183 EP
EP2[709r] EP
EP3 S183 EP
EP3[132r] EP
EP3[289r] EP
EP3[362] H(10.7) S219 EP
EP3[50r] EP
EP3[547r] EP
EP[2295] EP
EP[2421] EP
EP[305r] EP
EP[367] EP
EP[400] EP
EP[455r] EP
EP[654r] EP
EP[783r] S326 EP
EP[868r]-h EP
GM F(0.5) GM
GM F(0.6) H(22) GM
GM F(1.0) H(11) GM
GM F(1.0) H(44) GM
GM F(1.0) GM
GM F(1.5) GM
GM F(2.5) GM
GM F(3.0) H(42) GM
GM F(4.0) H(34) GM
GM F(4.0) GM
GM H(11) GM
GM H(12) GM
GM H(13.25) GM
GM H(18.5) GM
GM H(9.5) GM
GM S183 GM
GM1 F(0.25) H(11) GM
GM1 F(1.0) H(11) GM
GM1 F(1.0) GM
GM1 F(1.5) H(13.5) GM
GM1 F(2.5) GM
GM1 F(3.35) H(38) GM
GM1 H(8.0) GM
GM1 [1663] F(1.5) H(13.5) GM
GM10 H(13.5) GM
GM12 F(0.5) H(11) GM
GM12 F(0.6) H(11) GM
GM12 F(0.6) H(22) GM
GM12 H(11) GM
GM12[1280] GM
GM12[1361] F(0.6) GM
GM12[1381] F(0.6) GM
GM12[1689] F(0.5) H(11) GM
GM12[271] F(0.5) H(11) GM
GM13 H(20) GM
GM13[215] H(20) GM
GM13[2436] H(20) GM
GM13[434] H(20) GM
GM14 H(11) GM
GM14[1272] H(11) GM
GM15 F(0.25) GM
GM15 F(1.0) GM
GM15 H(20) GM
GM15 H(6) GM
GM15 H(8) GM
GM15 H(9.5) GM
GM15[1419] H(18.5) GM
GM15[1672] H(17.5) GM
GM15[189] H(8) GM
GM15[190] H(9.5) GM
GM15[191] H(9.5) GM
GM15[1931] H(15) S285 GM
GM15[1931] H(8) S285 GM
GM15[214] H(18.5) GM
GM15[2156] S330-h GM
GM15[2179] S152 GM
GM15[461] H(9.5) GM
GM15[46] F(1.0) GM
GM15[49] H(8) GM
GM16 F(0.6) GM
GM16 F(1.0) H(11) GM
GM16[1470] H(10) GM
GM16[2294] GM
GM16[33] F(1.0) H(11) GM
GM17 H(40) S94,95 GM
GM17[120] H(40) S94 GM
GM17[144] H(40) S94 GM
GM18 F(1.0) H(34) GM
GM19 H(12.5) GM
GM19 H(15) GM
GM19[219] H(15) GM
GM1[115] S71 GM
GM1[1175] H(18.5) GM
GM1[1344] F(1.0) GM
GM1[1344] F(2.0) GM
GM1[137] S139 GM
GM1[1382] GM
GM1[1404] F(2.0) H(50)-h GM
GM1[1404] F(2.0) H(50) GM
GM1[1404] H(50)-h GM
GM1[143] S140 GM
GM1[155] F(1.75) S147, S148 GM
GM1[15] F(1.5) H(13.5) GM
GM1[163] GM
GM1[1719] S251 H(137 A.S.L.) GM
GM1[1748] H(18.5) GM
GM1[1802] GM
GM1[2006] GM
GM1[2021] H(19.5) GM
GM1[2072] GM
GM1[2125] GM
GM1[2220] F(1.5) GM
GM1[2508] F(0.25) GM
GM1[28] F(1.0) GM
GM1[29] H(12.5) GM
GM1[31] GM
GM1[34]F(1.4) H(11) GM
GM1[35] GM
GM1[37] GM
GM1[38] F(3.0) H(20) GM
GM1[39] F(1.0) GM
GM1[40] F(1.5) H(16.5) GM
GM1[41] S101 GM
GM1[42] GM
GM1[56] H(8) GM
GM1[58] F(0.5) H(13.8) S105 GM
GM1[62] F(2.0) GM
GM1[66] F(1.0) GM
GM1[77] GM
GM1[95] F(1.0) H(10) GM
GM1[96] F(1.0) GM
GM1[96] F(2.5) GM
GM1[96] H(11) GM
GM1[96] GM
GM2 F(1.5) H(13.5) GM
GM2 [1663] F(1.5) H(13.5) GM
GM20 H(11) GM
GM20 H(18.5) GM
GM20[2628] H(18.5) GM
GM20[73] F(1.1) H(11) GM
GM21 F(0.5) H(9) GM
GM21[1284] F(0.5) H(9) GM
GM21[1426] F(0.5) H(9) GM
GM21[1427] F(0.5) H(9) GM
GM21[1428] F(0.5) H(9) GM
GM21[438] F(0.5) H(16) GM
GM21[439] F(0.5) H(9) GM
GM22 H(12) GM
GM22[2423] H(12) GM
GM23 H(22) GM
GM23[1593] H(22) GM
GM23[1621] H(22) GM
GM24[1787] F(1.0) S263 GM
GM24[433] H(19) GM
GM24[90]-h S125 GM
GM25 H(10.5) GM
GM27 S206 GM
GM27[2585] S206 GM
GM28 S269 GM
GM2[101] F(1.5) H(13.5) GM
GM3 F(3.0) H(19) GM
GM31 H(20) GM
GM31 H(30) GM
GM31[2314] H(50) GM
GM31[2314] H(70) GM
GM3[1280] F(3.0) H(19) GM
GM3[1336] F(3.0) H(19) GM
GM3[1421] F(3.0) H(19) GM
GM3[149] F(3.0) H(18.5) GM
GM3[1589] F(3.0) H(18.5) GM
GM3[1895] H(76) GM
GM3[2170] F(3.0) H(19) GM
GM4 F(3.0) GM
GM4[1614] F(3.0) GM
GM4[168] F(3.0) GM
GM4[2677] F(3.0) GM
GM4[469] F(3.0) GM
GM4[520] F(3.3) S104 GM
GM4[67] F(1.0) GM
GM5 S68 GM
GM5 S69 GM
GM5[1919] GM
GM5[2694] H(38) GM
GM5[68] F(2.0) H(18.5) GM
GM5[69] F(2.0) GM
GM6 F(1.72) S115 GM
GM6 H(13.6) GM
GM6 H(34) GM
GM6 H(90) GM
GM6 S115 GM
GM7[119] H(25) GM
GM7[119] H(33) GM
GM7[119]H(25) GM
GM7[119]H(33) GM
GM9 H(16.6) GM
GM9 H(18.5) GM
GM9[1419] H(18.5) GM
GM9[1693] H(18.5) GM
GM9[1708] H(18.5) GM
GM9[1881] S272 GM
GM9[1920] GM
GM9[197] H(18.5) GM
GM9[199] H(34) GM
GM9[200] H(18.5) GM
GM9[2054] H(15) GM
GM9[2094] H(18.5) GM
GM[116] S88 GM
GM[1198] H(22) S265 GM
GM[1209] H(12) GM
GM[130] F(1.5) H(11) GM
GM[131] F(3.0) GM
GM[1327] GM
GM[1349] F(0.6) H(22) GM
GM[1362] H(18.5) GM
GM[1456] H(18.3) GM
GM[1471] F(3.0) H(42) GM
GM[1576] H(15) GM
GM[1590] F(3.86) S245 GM
GM[1613] F(3.1) H(36) GM
GM[1628] GM
GM[1636] GM
GM[165] F(3.30) GM
GM[1673] H(15) GM
GM[169] GM
GM[1720] H(14) GM
GM[1721] H(14) GM
GM[1738] H(13.5) GM
GM[1758] GM
GM[177] GM
GM[179] F(3.0) H(42) GM
GM[1826]-h GM
GM[184] H(18.5) GM
GM[1851] H(20)-h GM
GM[185] S85 GM
GM[185] S87 GM
GM[1875] S271 GM
GM[1925] S281-h GM
GM[1926] S281-h1 h2 GM
GM[194] F(0.33) H(33.6) GM
GM[2010) F(1.5) H(11) GM
GM[2034] H(13.5) GM
GM[2039] S74 GM
GM[2047] H(18) GM
GM[2061] F(4.52) S370 GM
GM[2065] GM
GM[2069] H(22) GM
GM[2071] GM
GM[2076] H(12) GM
GM[2093] H53 F(4.5) GM
GM[212] H(18.5) GM
GM[2138] S325 -h GM
GM[2138] S325 GM
GM[2160]-h GM
GM[2160] GM
GM[2167] GM
GM[220] GM
GM[221] H(11) GM
GM[2266] H(20)-h GM
GM[2266] H(20) GM
GM[228] H(13) GM
GM[2300] GM
GM[2310] S420 GM
GM[2310] GM
GM[2322] H(12) GM
GM[2334] GM
GM[2340]-h GM
GM[2340] GM
GM[2353] H(14) GM
GM[2354] H(14) GM
GM[2411] GM
GM[2425]-h GM
GM[2443]-h GM
GM[2449] S378 GM
GM[2531]-h GM
GM[2542] GM
GM[2546] H(14.5) GM
GM[2584] GM
GM[2615] GM
GM[2653] GM
GM[2654] GM
GM[2669] S423 F(5.5)-h GM
GM[2693] GM
GM[2712]-h GM
GM[284] F(3.0) H(42) GM
GM[292] F(1.5) H(20) GM
GM[401] H(11) GM
GM[401] GM
GM[450] GM
GM[455] GM
GM[59] S120 GM
GM[62] F(0.25) GM
GM[63] F(2.1) GM
GM[65] F(1.5) H(13.5) GM
GM[74] F(2.0) H(48) GM
GM[950] GM
GM[96] F(0.53) GM
GM[96] GM
I1 S71 I1
I1A / R3V V[1029] I1
I1A / R3V V[1585] I1
I1A / R3X[1423] I1
I1A / R3X I1
I1A / R3Z[937] I1
I1A / R3Z I1
I1A / R4A[1638] I1
I1A / R4Z[1724] I1
I1A / R5A[1221] S183 I1
I1A / R5A[1221] I1
I1A H(13.8) I1
I1A H(15) / R3Z[937] I1
I1A H(15) / R3Z I1
I1A H(15) I1
I1A H(21.5) I1
I1A S173 I1
I1A S183 I1
I1A S70 I1
I1A S71 I1
I1A S76 I1
I1A [1759]/R3Z[937] I1
I1A/MC[2666] I1
I1A/O1 I1
I1A/R3YY[1627] I1
I1A/R3YY[1859] S268 I1
I1A/R3YY[1859] I1
I1A/R3YY[2317] I1
I1A/R3YY[2527] I1
I1A/R3YY[2590] I1
I1A/R3YY[2710] I1
I1A/R3Z[2122]-h I1
I1A/R3Z I1
I1A/R4Z[2370] I1
I1A/R4Z I1
I1A[1372] I1
I1A[1465] I1
I1A[1485] I1
I1A[1605] I1
I1A[1769] I1
I1A[1877] H(9) I1
I1A[1882] I1
I1A[1912] I1
I1A[1928] S283 I1
I1A[1952] I1
I1A[1969] I1
I1A[2057] / R1Q[720] I1
I1A[2057] / R3YY[1455] I1
I1A[2129] I1
I1A[2130] I1
I1A[2131] I1
I1A[2331] H(15) I1
I1A[2448] I1
I1A[2450] S378 I1
I1A[2471] S74 I1
I1A[2505] I1
I1A[2530]/R3Z I1
I1A[2541] I1
I1A[309] H(12) I1
I1A[314] H(13.8) I1
I1A[314] H(18) I1
I1A[314] H(25) I1
I1A[315] H(18) I1
I1A[322] I1
I1A[324] I1
I1A[328] I1
I1A[333] S207 I1
I1A[334] I1
I1A[336] I1
I1A[353] I1
I1A[365] I1
I1A[366] H(21) I1
I1A[366] I1
I1A[368] S130 I1
I1A[377] S122 I1
I1A[382] I1
I1A[388] S133 I1
I1A[389] I1
I1A[390] I1
I1A[3] I1
I1A[404] I1
I1A[405] I1
I1A[409] I1
I1A[451] I1
I1A[4] H(9) I1
I1A[6] H(12) I1
I1A[8] H(9) I1
I1A I1
I1B / R1U/R3Z I1
I1B / R1UU I1
I1B / R3Y[708] I1
I1B / R3Z[666] I1
I1B / R3Z I1
I1B / R4Z I1
I1B H(13) I1
I1B H(15) I1
I1B/R1Z I1
I1B/R3Z[2279] I1
I1B/R4Z I1
I1B[1360] I1
I1B[1410] I1
I1B[1568] I1
I1B[1595] I1
I1B[1691] I1
I1B[1692] I1
I1B[1712] I1
I1B[183] I1
I1B[1] I1
I1B[2583] I1
I1B[2639] I1
I1B[339] I1
I1B[405] I1
I1B[406] I1
I1B[407] H(15) I1
I1B[408] I1
I1B[409] I1
I1B[416]-h I1
I1B[417] I1
I1B[418] I1
I1B[420] H(13) I1
I1B[421] H(12) / R3Z[937] I1
I1B[422] H(15) I1
I1B[422] I1
I1B[423] I1
I1B[428] S414 I1
I1B[443] I1
I1B[452] I1
I1B I1
I1C/R3YY[2098] I1
I1C/R3Z I1
I1C I1
I1D[2153] I1
I1D[2403] I1
I1D I1
I1E H(15) I1
I1E[1280] I1
I1E[1486] I1
I1E[1591] I1
I1E I1
I1F H(15) I1
I1F[2404] I1
I1F[2430] I1
I1F[2609] I1
I1F I1
I1[1868] I1
I1[376] I1
I1 I1
I2 F(1.0) I2
I2 F(1.5) I2
I2 F(2.0) H(24.3) I2
I2A F(1.5) I2
I2A F(3.0) I2
I2A[1378] S232 I2
I2A[1416] F(1.5) I2
I2A[2029] I2
I2A[2447] I2
I2A[347] F(3.0) I2
I2A[347] I2
I2A I2
I2B[373] H(12.5) I2
I2B I2
I2C F(1.5) S175 I2
I2D[374] F(0.5) S123 I2
I2E[1376] S232 I2
I2E[1377] F(3.0) I2
I2[1686] I2
I2[1948] F(1.5) S289 I2
I2[2491]-h I2
I2[348] I2
I2[370] F(1.5) I2
I2[371] F(1.5) I2
I2[375] I2
I2[402] F(1.5) S144 I2
I2 I2
IG F(2.45) IG
IG H(21) IG
IG1 F(1.5) IG
IG1 H(11) IG
IG1[1571] IG
IG1[2663] IG
IG1[269] IG
IG2[1538] IG
IG2[1539] IG
IG2[1540] IG
IG2[1541] IG
IG2[1542] IG
IG2[1543] H(7.5) IG
IG2[2523] IG
IG3 H(10.7) IG
IG3[1350] IG
IG3[1352] H(11) IG
IG3[1751] IG
IG3[1] IG
IG3[2468] H(10.7) IG
IG3[263] IG
IG3[266]-h S134 IG
IG3[282] H(10.7) IG
IG3[393] IG
IG5[1330] IG
IG5[1472] IG
IG5[1566] IG
IG5[1662] IG
IG5[1702] IG
IG5[1] IG
IG5[284] IG
IG5[288] IG
IG5[289] IG
IG6 H(44) S183 IG
IG6 H(44) IG
IG6 S183 IG
IG6[1545] H(14) IG
IG6[1546] IG
IG6[1547] IG
IG6[1670]-h IG
IG6[218] H(44) S183 IG
IG6[2418] H(44) S183 IG
IG6[300] IG
IG7 H(21) IG
IG7[2434] H(21) IG
IG7[2599] H(21)-h IG
IG7[296] H(21)-h IG
IG[1513] IG
IG[1525] IG
IG[1560] IG
IG[1574] H(21)-h IG
IG[1] IG
IG[2174] IG
IG[267] H(11) IG
IG[290] IG
IH H(16) IH
IH1[1534] H(22) IH
IH[1483] H(11) IH
IH[1624] H(21)-h IH
IH[1714] IH
IH[1828] IH
IH[1] H(11) IH
IH[263] IH
IH[268] IH
IH[274] IH
IH[2] H(11) IH
IL F(0.5) H(11) IL
IL F(1.0) H(11) IL
IL F(1.0) IL
IL H(11) IL
IL H(14) IL
IL H(21) IL
IL1[1438] IL
IL1[1665] IL
IL1[2043] IL
IL1[302] IL
IL2 F(0.6) H(14) IL
IL2 F(0.7) H(14) IL
IL2 F(1.1) H(14) IL
IL2 H(14)-h IL
IL2 H(14) IL
IL2[1332] H(14) IL
IL2[1355] F(0.7) H(14) IL
IL2[1385] IL
IL2[1528] H(14)-h IL
IL2[1529] H(48) IL
IL2[1532] H(14)-h IL
IL2[1624] H(21)-h IL
IL2[1857] H(14) IL
IL2[1] H(14) IL
IL2[2548] H(14) IL
IL2[284] H(14) IL
IL2[293] H(14) IL
IL2[294] H(14) IL
IL3[250] IL
IL3[251] IL
IL3[252] IL
IL4 H(21) IL
IL4 [1937] H(21) IL
IL4[1575] H(21) IL
IL4[2396] H(21) IL
IL4[295] H(21) IL
IL5 H(22) IL
IL5[2547] H(22) IL
IL5[2547] H(30) IL
IL5[302] H(22) IL
IL5[304] H(30) IL
IL5[306] H(30) IL
IL6 H(30) IL
IL6[1414] H(30)-h IL
IL6[1535] H(30)-h IL
IL6[1612] H(30)-h IL
IL6[2440] H(30)-h IL
IL6[303] H(30)-h IL
IL6[305] H(30) IL
IL7[1368] IL
IL7[1412] H(24)-h IL
IL7[1431] IL
IL7[307]-h IL
IL7[307] IL
IL7[410] IL
IL8[104] F(2.0) H(13.5) IL
IL8[104]F(1.0) H(13.5) IL
IL9 H(11) IL
IL9[2382]-h IL
IL[1273] H(21) IL
IL[1280] IL
IL[1385] IL
IL[1477] S117-h2 IL
IL[1488] H(14) IL
IL[1508] IL
IL[1559] IL
IL[1567] H(21) IL
IL[1574] H(21)-h IL
IL[1634] H(14) IL
IL[1664] IL
IL[1713] IL
IL[1733] H(32) IL
IL[1799] H(11) IL
IL[1800] H(22) IL
IL[1832] IL
IL[1873] IL
IL[1932]-h IL
IL[1965] H(21) IL
IL[1] IL
IL[2049] S311 IL
IL[2120] IL
IL[2230] IL
IL[2369] H(21) IL
IL[2422] H(11) IL
IL[2460] IL
IL[249] H(32) IL
IL[249] IL
IL[253] H(11) IL
IL[2543] IL
IL[254] H(8) S103 IL
IL[255] H(9.50) S108 IL
IL[255] IL
IL[2561] H(22) IL
IL[2563] IL
IL[256] H(8) IL
IL[256] IL
IL[257] IL
IL[258] F(0.6) S97 IL
IL[259] H(11) IL
IL[260] H(11) IL
IL[260] H(22) IL
IL[261] H(11) IL
IL[262] H(22)-h IL
IL[263] IL
IL[264] S102 IL
IL[265] IL
IL[272] S118 IL
IL[273] IL
IL[276] IL
IL[277] H(11)-h IL
IL[277] H(22)-h IL
IL[278] H(30) IL
IL[279] IL
IL[283] IL
IL[284] H(11) IL
IL[292] F(0.4) H(12)-h IL
IL[295] H(21) IL
IL[304] IL
IL[308] IL
IL[414] IL
IL[419] IL
IL[446] IL
IL[464] IL
IL[939] S240 IL
IP10[297] F(0.5) H(14) IP
IP11[1388] S123 IP
IP11[1490] S123 IP
IP11[1507] H(37) S123 IP
IP11[374] S123 IP
IP12 F(1.5) IP
IP12[2424] F(1.2) IP
IP12[372] F(0.7) H(10.7) IP
IP13[2166]-h IP
IP13[2166] IP
IP13[2629] IP
IP14 H(50) IP
IP2[1343] IP
IP4 F(4.0) H(20) IP
IP4[1752] IP
IP4[2067] IP
IP4[2341] IP
IP4[2401] IP
IP4[284] IP
IP5 H(21.5) IP
IP6 H(14) IP
IP6 H(44) IP
IP6[1084] H(12) S183 IP
IP6[1149] H(12) S183 IP
IP6[1548] H(44) IP
IP6[1548] IP
IP6[1549] H(34) IP
IP6[1549] IP
IP6[1551] IP
IP6[1552] H(44) IP
IP6[2587] IP
IP6[301] IP
IP7 H(30) IP
IP8 H(15) IP
IP8[1707] H(15)-h IP
IP8[1707] H(15) IP
IP8[1709] H(15)-h IP
IP8[172] H(15) IP
IP[1219] H(11) IP
IP[1219] H(33)-h IP
IP[1219]-h IP
IP[1367] IP
IP[1383] IP
IP[1530] H(45.5) IP
IP[1530] IP
IP[1544] IP
IP[1565] F(0.75) IP
IP[178] IP
IP[2044] H(33) IP
IP[2045] H(45) IP
IP[2046] H(18)-h IP
IP[2046] H(18) IP
IP[2103] IP
IP[2243]-h IP
IP[2265] H(12) IP
IP[2265] H(16) IP
IP[2265] H(24) IP
IP[2265] H(36) IP
IP[2265] H(48) IP
IP[2298] H(18) IP
IP[2358] H(18) IP
IP[2409]-h IP
IP[2545] H(33)-h IP
IP[2596] IP
IP[2635] H(18) IP
IP[2636] H(22) IP
IP[286] IP
L1 S183 L1
L1A L1
L1B S238 L1
L1B L1
L1[105] L1
L1[1581] L1
L1[2008] L1
L1[2336] L1
L1[285] L1
L1[310]-h S11 L1
L1[310]-h L1
L1[311] L1
L1[319] L1
L1[326] L1
L1[335] L1
L1[356] L1
L1[366] L1
L1[367] L1
L1[450] L1
L1[884] L1
L1 L1
L2 F(1.5) L2
L2 F(2.5) H(153) A.S.L. L2
L2B F(2.5) H(147) A.S.L. L2
L2B F(5.0) H(135) A.S.L. L2
L2B[2136] L2
L2B L2
L2C S258-A S258-B L2
L2[1718] H(15) L2
L2[1932]-h L2
L2[2349] S269 L2
L2[320] S96 L2
L2[331] L2
L2[337] F(1.5) L2
L2[345] L2
L2[354] L2
L2[358] L2
L2[359] L2
L2 L2
L3 L3
LC1 H(14.5) LC
LC1[1498] LC
LC1[2244] S70 LC
LC1[2244] LC
LC1[2245] LC
LC1[2246] LC
LC1[2250] LC
LC1[2256] LC
LC1[2258] LC
LC1[2261] LC
LC1[2262] LC
LC1[2263] S232 LC
LC1[2263] LC
LC1[2572] LC
LC1[44] LC
LC1[47] LC
LC1[910] LC
LC5 H(9.5) LC
LC5[1191] LC
LC5[1659] H(10.5) LC
LC5[1729] LC
LC5[462] H(9.5) LC
LC5[466] H(9.5) LC
LC6 [1479] LC
LC6[1420] LC
LC6[1479] LC
LC6[1703] LC
LC6[1746] LC
LC6[1747] LC
LC6[1867]-h LC
LC6[198] H(11) LC
LC6[203] LC
LC6[207] LC
LC7 S183 LC
LC7[1515] LC
LC7[1516] LC
LC7[1517] H(30) LC
LC7[1518] LC
LC7[1519] H(7.0) LC
LC7[1521] LC
LC7[1526] LC
LC7[1694] LC
LC7[1716] LC
LC7[1914] LC
LC7[226] LC
LC7[227] LC
LC7[229] LC
LC7[411] LC
LC8 H(11) LC
LC8[2050] H(11)-h LC
LC[1283] LC
LC[128] LC
LC[129] LC
LC[1386] LC
LC[1495] LC
LC[1496] LC
LC[1497] LC
LC[1501] LC
LC[1502] LC
LC[1505] LC
LC[1506] LC
LC[1510] LC
LC[1511] LC
LC[1512] H(18.5) LC
LC[1514] LC
LC[1579]-h LC
LC[1582] H(11) S183 LC
LC[1629] LC
LC[1656] LC
LC[1706] H(11) LC
LC[180] LC
LC[181] LC
LC[182] LC
LC[1899] H(16) LC
LC[2019] LC
LC[2068] LC
LC[2104] LC
LC[2127] LC
LC[2157] LC
LC[2390] LC
LC[2521]-h LC
LC[2594] LC
LC[2714]-h LC
LC[444] LC
LC[772] LC
MC H(34) MC
MC F(1.1) H(15) MC
MC F(1.5) H(34) MC
MC F(1.5) MC
MC F(1.75) MC
MC F(1.8) H(48) MC
MC F(2.0) H(12) MC
MC F(2.0) H(13.2) MC
MC F(2.0) H(34) MC
MC F(2.0) H(41) MC
MC F(2.0) H(48) MC
MC F(2.0) MC
MC F(2.5) MC
MC H(20) MC
MC H(40) MC
MC H(45) MC
MC [1665] F(2.0) H(18) MC
MC10[2375] MC
MC11[415] H(34) MC
MC11[74] H(34) MC
MC12 F(1.5) H(19) MC
MC12 F(2.0) H(19) MC
MC12[2148] F(3.0) S99,100 MC
MC12[22] F(3.0) S99,100 MC
MC14[1413] MC
MC14[1520] S152 MC
MC14[216] S152 MC
MC15 S246 MC
MC15[2026] S306 MC
MC15[2027] MC
MC15[2028] MC
MC15[2165]-h MC
MC16 H(20) MC
MC16[1966] H(20) MC
MC16[2063] F(6.0) S333-h MC
MC16[2576] H(27.5) MC
MC2 H(28) MC
MC5 H(35) MC
MC5 H(45) MC
MC5[230] H(21) MC
MC5[231] H(35) MC
MC6 F(2.0) H(18.5) MC
MC6 [1770] F(2.0) H(18.5) MC
MC6[192] F(2.0) H(9.5) MC
MC7[1387]-h MC
MC7[1387] MC
MC8 S135 S339 S341 MC
MC8[399] h1,h2,h3 S135 S339 S340 MC
MC9 H(34) MC
MC[107] H(148) A.S.L MC
MC[107] H(50) MC
MC[107] H(91) A.S.L. MC
MC[1282] S(309)-h MC
MC[1325] F(1.5) H(35) MC
MC[1331] F(1.25) H(34) MC
MC[1333] F(2.0) H(48) MC
MC[1333] F(2.0) MC
MC[1340] F(2.0) H(34) MC
MC[1341] F(1.0) H(25) MC
MC[1341] F(2.0) H(25)-h3 MC
MC[1341] F(2.0) H(50)-h1 MC
MC[1341] F(2.0) H(70)-h2 MC
MC[1351] F(1.5)-h MC
MC[1351] F(1.5) MC
MC[1353] H(48) MC
MC[135] MC
MC[1369] H(20) MC
MC[1370] H(40) MC
MC[1371] H(40) MC
MC[1380] F(2.5) H(24) MC
MC[1380] F(2.5) MC
MC[138] F(2.5) MC
MC[1432] H(34) MC
MC[1434] H(45)-h1, h2, h3, h4 MC
MC[1439] F(2.0) H(23) MC
MC[1440] H(23) MC
MC[1441] H(62) MC
MC[1573] MC
MC[1642] MC
MC[1646] MC
MC[1696] F(2.0)-h MC
MC[1696] F(2.0) MC
MC[1705] H(60) MC
MC[1726] MC
MC[1801] F(1.25) H(34) MC
MC[1812] MC
MC[187] H(20) MC
MC[187] H(40) MC
MC[188] H(40) MC
MC[1957] F(1.1) H(15) MC
MC[1967] S291 MC
MC[2007] F(3.0) S299 MC
MC[2011] S300 MC
MC[2014] S301 MC
MC[2015] H(18) MC
MC[2036] S169 MC
MC[2070] H(11) MC
MC[2095] H(58.5) MC
MC[2128] F(4.1) S129 MC
MC[2178] H(20) MC
MC[2179] H(40) MC
MC[2179] H(48) MC
MC[2179] MC
MC[2180] MC
MC[2226] S336-h MC
MC[2267] MC
MC[2283] S349 MC
MC[2284] S349-h MC
MC[2285] S349-h MC
MC[2286] S349 MC
MC[2287] S349 MC
MC[2288] S349-h MC
MC[2324]-h MC
MC[2325]-h MC
MC[2326]-h MC
MC[2388] MC
MC[23] F(2.5) S119 MC
MC[24] F(2.5) S129 MC
MC[2526] MC
MC[2550] S394 MC
MC[2573] MC
MC[2588] F(4.4) H(45) MC
MC[2598] H(18) MC
MC[2648] F(2.0) H(48) MC
MC[2666] MC
MC[2667] MC
MC[2668] MC
MC[2718] MC
MC[275] F(1.3) MC
MC[398] S169-h MC
MC[472] S349-h MC
MC[74] F(1.1) H(22) MC
MC[884] S415-h MC
MC[894] S154 MC
MD F(2.0) S43 MD
MD F(4.5) MD
MD H(25) S94,95 MD
MD H(40) MD
MD H(61) S38 MD
MD S13,14 MD
MD S24,32 MD
MD2 S58 MD
MD2 S72 MD
MD2 S73 MD
MD2 S74 MD
MD2 S75 MD
MD2[113] S74 MD
MD2[118] S73 MD
MD2[2031] S307 MD
MD2[2048] S74 MD
MD2[2671] S425 MD
MD3 H(11.4) MD
MD3 H(12.28) MD
MD4 S72 MD
MD4[1592] S72 MD
MD5[2172] S332 MD
MD5[2681] S332 MD
MD[111] S67 MD
MD[114] S78,92 MD
MD[117] S11,54 MD
MD[132] S33 MD
MD[132] S45 MD
MD[1425] S55,56,57,64 MD
MD[1425] S58 MD
MD[142] S31 MD
MD[1651] S58 MD
MD[167] S12 MD
MD[1732] S23 MD
MD[1732] S24 MD
MD[2005] S51 MD
MD[2056] MD
MD[2329] S352-h MD
MD[2345] S61 MD
MD[2503] S386 MD
MD[2504] S386-h MD
MD[2509] H(83)-h MD
MD[2510] H(40)-h MD
ME1[1r]-h ME
ME1[487r]-h ME
ME2[1r]-h ME
ME2[1r] ME
ME2[3r]-h ME
ME2[479r]-h ME
ME2[480r]-h ME
ME2[484r]-h ME
ME2[485r]-h ME
ME2[486r]-h ME
ME2[4r]-h ME
ME2[4r] ME
ME2[6r] ME
ME2[724r]-h ME
ME2[724r] ME
ME2[747]-h ME
ME2[771r]-h ME
ME2[772r]-h ME
ME2[7r] ME
ME2[827r] S366 ME
ME2[8r] ME
ME3[1r]-h ME
ME3[478r]-h ME
ME3[481r]-h ME
ME3[494r] ME
ME3[4r]-h ME
ME3[4r] ME
ME3[7r]-h ME
ME[11r] ME
ME[1r]-h ME
ME[301r] S413 ME
ME[483r]-h ME
ME[487r]-h ME
ME[488r]-h ME
ME[493r] ME
ME[4r]-h ME
ME[527r]-h ME
ME[527r] ME
ME[541r]-h ME
ME[676r] ME
ME[725r] ME
ME[7r] ME
ME[831r] ME
ME[833r] ME
ME[856r] ME
MR1[477r]-h MR
MR1[793r] MR
MR1[794r] MR
MR1[823r] MR
MR[490r] MR
MR[492r] MR
MR[792r MR
MR[7r] MR
O1 S183 O1
O1 S277 O1
O1 S94,95 O1
O1A[21r] O1
O1A[254r] O1
O1A[257r] O1
O1A[302r] O1
O1A[363] O1
O1A[445] O1
O1A[451r] O1
O1A[457r] O1
O1A[462r] O1
O1A[480]-h O1
O1A[480r]-h O1
O1A[719r] O1
O1A[754r]-h O1
O1A O1
O1C[311] O1
O1C[317] O1
O1C[625r] O1
O1C O1
O1D[1583] O1
O1D[316]-h O1
O1D[341] O1
O1D[357] O1
O1D[360] O1
O1D[364] O1
O1D O1
O1F[430] H(12.2) S94 O1
O1H[2088] O1
O1H[310]-h O1
O1H[327] O1
O1H O1
O1I S94 O1
O1I O1
O1J H(21) S94,95 O1
O1K O1
O1L S94 O1
O1L[1661] O1
O1L[2248]-h O1
O1L[2520] S409 O1
O1L[310]-h O1
O1L[311] O1
O1L[316]-h O1
O1L[323] O1
O1L[329]-h O1
O1L[339r] O1
O1L[342] O1
O1L[344] O1
O1L[346] H(30) O1
O1L[351] O1
O1L[352] O1
O1L[391] O1
O1L O1
O1M[310]-h O1
O1N[316]-h O1
O1N O1
O1O O1
O1P[1403] O1
O1P[1913] O1
O1P O1
O1Q O1
O1R[1932]-h O1
O1R[287r] O1
O1R[455r] O1
O1R O1
O1S S258-A O1
O1S[2438] S258-A O1
O1[119r] O1
O1[121] O1
O1[137r] O1
O1[1402] O1
O1[1594] O1
O1[1616] O1
O1[1687] O1
O1[168r] O1
O1[1715] O1
O1[1735] O1
O1[1763] S256 S428 O1
O1[1763] S256 O1
O1[1862] O1
O1[1865] H(12.2) S94 O1
O1[1932]-h O1
O1[1932] O1
O1[2143] O1
O1[2242] O1
O1[2315] O1
O1[2323]-h O1
O1[2384] O1
O1[2385] O1
O1[2386] O1
O1[2407] O1
O1[2408] O1
O1[2441] O1
O1[2453] S378 O1
O1[2492]-h O1
O1[2520]-h O1
O1[2651]-h O1
O1[2662] O1
O1[309r] O1
O1[310]-h O1
O1[310r] O1
O1[313] S216 O1
O1[313] O1
O1[315r] O1
O1[316]-h O1
O1[318] O1
O1[321] O1
O1[359r] O1
O1[365r] O1
O1[379] O1
O1[381] O1
O1[384] O1
O1[395r] O1
O1[397] O1
O1[402] S144 O1
O1[41r] O1
O1[429] O1
O1[434r] O1
O1[453r] O1
O1[454r] O1
O1[458r] O1
O1[471] O1
O1[621r] O1
O1[768r] O1
O1[781r]-h O1
O1[781r] O1
O1[836r] O1
O1[863r] O1
O1[864r]-h O1
O1[873r] O1
O1[879r] O1
O1 O1
R1AA[1623] R1
R1AA[771] R1
R1AA[946] R1
R1AA[947] R1
R1AA[948] R1
R1A[1256] R1
R1A[1257] R1
R1BB[1258] R1
R1B[1259] R1
R1CC[1792] R1
R1CC[1793] R1
R1CC[1794] R1
R1C[1260] R1
R1C[1858] R1
R1D[1255] R1
R1D[2240] R1
R1D[6] R1
R1D[722] R1
R1D[723] R1
R1D[725] R1
R1D[764] R1
R1D R1
R1E[1092] R1
R1E[1722] R1
R1E[629] R1
R1E[630] R1
R1E[638] R1
R1E[639] R1
R1E R1
R1FF[1167] R1
R1FF[1168] R1
R1FF[1340] R1
R1FF[1630] R1
R1FF[1796] R1
R1FF[2597] R1
R1FF[632] R1
R1FF[633] R1
R1FF[634] R1
R1FF[6] R1
R1F[1562] R1
R1F[631] R1
R1F R1
R1GG-c R1
R1GG[1338] R1
R1GG[1340] R1
R1GG[2255] R1
R1GG[2697] R1
R1GG[481] R1
R1GG[500] S165 R1
R1GG[501] H(8.7) S179 R1
R1GG[506] R1
R1GG[526] R1
R1G[518] H(9) S194 R1
R1G[524] R1
R1G[525] R1
R1G R1
R1HH[1172] R1
R1HH[1174] R1
R1HH[1176] R1
R1HH[1178] R1
R1HH[1179]-h R1
R1HH[1180] R1
R1HH[1181] R1
R1HH[1182] R1
R1HH[1183] R1
R1HH[1184] R1
R1HH[1960] R1
R1HH[1961] R1
R1HH[677] R1
R1HH[714] R1
R1HH[715] R1
R1H[1586] R1
R1H[2675] R1
R1H R1
R1II[1340] R1
R1II[2364] R1
R1I[1261] R1
R1I[1262] R1
R1J[1955] R1
R1J R1
R1K[1340] R1
R1K[513] R1
R1K[557] R1
R1K[625] R1
R1K R1
R1L[1618] R1
R1L[678] R1
R1L[718] R1
R1L[726] R1
R1L R1
R1M-h R1
R1MM H(10) R1
R1MM H(9) R1
R1MM[1313] R1
R1MM[1314] R1
R1MM[2499] R1
R1MM[2501] R1
R1MM[445] H(9) R1
R1MM[481] H(10) R1
R1MM[481] H(10.5) R1
R1MM[504] H(10.5) R1
R1MM[762] H(10.5) R1
R1MM[762] R1
R1M[731] R1
R1M[732] R1
R1M[741] R1
R1M[748] R1
R1M[749] R1
R1M[754] R1
R1M[760] R1
R1M[761] R1
R1M[763] R1
R1M R1
R1NN S183 R1
R1NN[1255] R1
R1NN[735] S183 R1
R1N[626] R1
R1N[627] R1
R1N[679] R1
R1N[680] R1
R1N[681] R1
R1N R1
R1O[1340] R1
R1O[1564] R1
R1O[1734] R1
R1O[2499] R1
R1O[475] H(8) R1
R1O[503] R1
R1O[505] R1
R1O[507] R1
R1O[510] R1
R1O[511] R1
R1O[516] R1
R1O[519] R1
R1O[529] R1
R1O[603] R1
R1O[623] H(8) R1
R1O[623] R1
R1O[949] R1
R1O R1
R1PP-c R1
R1P[2159] R1
R1P[2499] R1
R1P[2500] R1
R1P[530] R1
R1P R1
R1QQ[1474] R1
R1QQ[1493] R1
R1QQ[2234] R1
R1QQ[2235] R1
R1QQ[2427] R1
R1QQ[2499] R1
R1QQ[481] R1
R1Q[1255] R1
R1Q[1618] R1
R1Q[1950] R1
R1Q[719] R1
R1Q[720] R1
R1Q[944] R1
R1Q R1
R1R[2600] R1
R1R[742] R1
R1R R1
R1S[2392] R1
R1S[2499] R1
R1S[502] R1
R1S[515] R1
R1S[531] R1
R1S[685] R1
R1S R1
R1TT-c R1
R1TT[1474] R1
R1TT[1493] R1
R1TT[2241] R1
R1TT[2302] R1
R1TT[2303] R1
R1TT[2304] R1
R1TT[481] R1
R1TT[512] R1
R1TT[514] R1
R1TT[517] R1
R1TT[527] R1
R1TT[528] S212 R1
R1TT[623] R1
R1T[721] R1
R1T[724] R1
R1T[755] R1
R1T[757] R1
R1T[759] R1
R1T R1
R1UU[1655] R1
R1UU[691] R1
R1UU[692] R1
R1UU[693] R1
R1U[683] R1
R1U[684] R1
R1U[687] R1
R1U[688] R1
R1U[689] R1
R1U[690] R1
R1U R1
R1V S183 R1
R1VV[1294] R1
R1VV[1781] R1
R1VV[1782] H(14) R1
R1VV[1782] R1
R1VV[2020] R1
R1VV[636] R1
R1VV[766] R1
R1VV[770] R1
R1V[1398] R1
R1V[1683] R1
R1V[1730] S183 R1
R1V[2097] R1
R1V[2332] S353 R1
R1V[635] R1
R1V[686] R1
R1V[694] R1
R1V[697] R1
R1V[716] R1
R1V[738] S183 R1
R1V[738] R1
R1V R1
R1WW[1061] R1
R1WW[1788] R1
R1WW[1900] R1
R1WW[1901] R1
R1WW[1902] R1
R1WW[637] R1
R1W[1089] R1
R1W[1405] R1
R1W[1450] R1
R1W[1637] R1
R1W[1902] R1
R1W[1906] R1
R1W[1907] R1
R1W[1908] R1
R1W[2099] R1
R1W[2320] R1
R1W[734] R1
R1W[750] R1
R1W[751] R1
R1W[765] R1
R1W[767] R1
R1W R1
R1X S183 R1
R1X/I1A R1
R1XX[2337] R1
R1XX[695] R1
R1XX[696] R1
R1X[736] S183 R1
R1X[737] S183 R1
R1X[740] S183 R1
R1X[743] R1
R1X[744] H(12.2) R1
R1X[744] R1
R1X[745] R1
R1X R1
R1Y[484] R1
R1Y[521] R1
R1Y[522] R1
R1Y[523] R1
R1Y[532] R1
R1Y[568] R1
R1Y[586] R1
R1Y[618] R1
R1Y[746] R1
R1Y R1
R1Z[1863] R1
R1Z[2332] S353 R1
R1Z[2352] R1
R1Z[661] R1
R1Z[664] R1
R1Z[676] R1
R1Z R1
R2A[1188] R2
R2A[1940] R2
R2A[940] R2
R2A R2
R2B[698] R2
R2B R2
R2C[25] S88 R2
R2C R2
R2D H(9.5) R2
R2D[2159] R2
R2D[2241] R2
R2D[494] R2
R2D R2
R2E R2
R2F H(11) R2
R2F-c R2
R2F[1263] R2
R2F[1338] R2
R2F[1340] R2
R2F[1417] R2
R2F[1564] R2
R2F[1723] R2
R2F[475] R2
R2F[533] S190 R2
R2F[533] R2
R2F[534] R2
R2F[537] R2
R2F[538] R2
R2F[541] R2
R2F[542] R2
R2F[543] R2
R2F[544] R2
R2F[546] S162 R2
R2F[552] R2
R2F[555] R2
R2F[558] R2
R2F[608] S210 R2
R2F[611] R2
R2F R2
R2G[1289] R2
R2G[1564] S164 R2
R2G[1564] R2
R2G[1617] R2
R2G[1916] R2
R2G[2680] R2
R2G[535] R2
R2G[536] S189 R2
R2G[550] R2
R2G[551] R2
R2G[556] R2
R2G[602] R2
R2G R2
R2H R2
R2I[539] R2
R2I[540] R2
R2I R2
R2J[1564] R2
R2J[476] R2
R2J R2
R2K[699] R2
R2L[1019] R2
R2L[1266] R2
R2L[1340] R2
R2L[1731] R2
R2L[2525] R2
R2L[2539] R2
R2L[617] R2
R2L R2
R2M[1562] R2
R2M[1741] S252 R2
R2M[2134] R2
R2M[443] R2
R2M[641] H(8.5) R2
R2M[642] R2
R2M R2
R2N[1067] R2
R2N[1081] R2
R2N[1088] R2
R2N[1299] R2
R2N[1900] R2
R2N[2009] R2
R2N[2420] S374 R2
R2N[2720] R2
R2N[943] R2
R2N R2
R2O[994] R2
R2O[995] R2
R2O R2
R2P[2280] R2
R2P[702] R2
R2P[703] R2
R2P R2
R2Q[2033] R2
R2Q R2
R2R H(9) R2
R2R-c R2
R2R[1474] R2
R2R[2114] H(8) R2
R2R[545] R2
R2R R2
R2S[1194] R2
R2T R2
R2U[547] R2
R2U[548] R2
R2U[549] R2
R2U[553] R2
R2U R2
R2V[2050]-h R2
R2V[2050] R2
R2Z[1956] R2
R3A S176 R3
R3A-c R3
R3A[1053] R3
R3A[1482] R3
R3A[1668] H(8) R3
R3A[1898] R3
R3A[1958] R3
R3A[2064] R3
R3A[2176] R3
R3A[2348] H(8.3) R3
R3A[476] R3
R3A[558] R3
R3A[560] R3
R3A[561] R3
R3A[566] R3
R3A[571]-c R3
R3A[573] H(9) R3
R3A[574] R3
R3A[576] R3
R3A[581] R3
R3A[586] R3
R3A[599] R3
R3A[606] R3
R3A R3
R3B-c R3
R3B[1265] R3
R3B[1464] R3
R3B[1466] R3
R3B[1474] R3
R3B[1563]-c R3
R3B[1904] R3
R3B[2161] R3
R3B[2451] S378 R3
R3B[477] S191 R3
R3B[494] R3
R3B[562] R3
R3B[565] R3
R3B[568] R3
R3B[579] R3
R3B[585] R3
R3B[587] R3
R3B[613] R3
R3B[907] R3
R3B R3
R3C[1090] R3
R3C[1564] R3
R3C[582] R3
R3C R3
R3D[564] R3
R3D[584] R3
R3D[618] R3
R3D R3
R3EE-c R3
R3E R3
R3F[569] R3
R3F[603] R3
R3F R3
R3G [1474] R3
R3G[1639] R3
R3G[1643] R3
R3G[2481] R3
R3G R3
R3H R3
R3I-c R3
R3I[2257]-c R3
R3I[597] R3
R3I R3
R3J S157 R3
R3J[484] R3
R3J[485] R3
R3J[589] S155 R3
R3J[590] R3
R3J[598] R3
R3J R3
R3K[1631] R3
R3K R3
R3L[1474] R3
R3L[1883] R3
R3L[476] R3
R3L[485] S200 R3
R3L[595] R3
R3L[605] R3
R3L R3
R3M-c R3
R3M[1290] R3
R3M[1461] S218 R3
R3M[1462] S220 R3
R3M[2119] R3
R3M[2225] S335 R3
R3M[563] R3
R3M[583] R3
R3M[614] S218 R3
R3M[615] S220 R3
R3M R3
R3N[1391] R3
R3N[1710] R3
R3N[2466] R3
R3N[499] R3
R3N R3
R3O[2135] R3
R3O[498] R3
R3O[612] R3
R3O[616] S222 R3
R3O[620] S151 R3
R3O R3
R3P-c R3
R3P[1340] R3
R3P[1460] R3
R3P[1474]-c R3
R3P[1474] R3
R3P[1475] R3
R3P[2041] R3
R3P[2111] R3
R3P[2482] R3
R3P[487] R3
R3P[570] R3
R3P[575] R3
R3P[577] R3
R3P[610] R3
R3P[619] R3
R3P[622] R3
R3P R3
R3Q [1475] R3
R3Q[1269] R3
R3Q[1270] R3
R3Q[1291] R3
R3Q[1340] R3
R3Q[1474]-c R3
R3Q[1474] R3
R3Q[1475]-c R3
R3Q[1879] R3
R3Q[1941] R3
R3Q[2051] H(9) R3
R3Q[2052] H(9) R3
R3Q[2117] H(10.1) R3
R3Q[2118] H(9) R3
R3Q[2305] R3
R3Q[2306] R3
R3Q[2376] R3
R3Q[2377] R3
R3Q[2378] R3
R3Q[2379] R3
R3Q[2380] R3
R3Q[487] R3
R3Q[572] R3
R3Q[580] S163 R3
R3Q[586] R3
R3Q[594] R3
R3Q[604] R3
R3Q[624] R3
R3Q[877] R3
R3Q[931] R3
R3Q[933] R3
R3Q R3
R3R H(13) R3
R3R-c R3
R3R[2372] R3
R3R[2687] H(8.5) R3
R3R[2706] R3
R3R[592] S204 R3
R3R[609] R3
R3R R3
R3S[601] R3
R3S R3
R3T R3
R3U[1649] R3
R3U[1650] R3
R3U[1964] R3
R3U R3
R3V H(19) R3
R3V V [1193] R3
R3V V[1016] S183 R3
R3V V[1017] S183 R3
R3V V[1020] R3
R3V V[1021] R3
R3V V[1023] R3
R3V V[1024] R3
R3V V[1025] R3
R3V V[1026] R3
R3V V[1027] R3
R3V V[1028] S183 R3
R3V V[1028] R3
R3V V[1029] R3
R3V V[1030] R3
R3V V[1034] R3
R3V V[1035] R3
R3V V[1036] R3
R3V V[1048] R3
R3V V[1065] R3
R3V V[1071] R3
R3V V[1080] R3
R3V V[1285] R3
R3V V[1286] R3
R3V V[1315] R3
R3V V[1316] R3
R3V V[1317] R3
R3V V[1318] R3
R3V V[1584] R3
R3V V[1585] R3
R3V V[1860] R3
R3V V[708] R3
R3V V R3
R3VV[2233] R3
R3VV[2319] R3
R3VV[2540] R3
R3V[1783] R3
R3V[1784] H(14) R3
R3V[1784] R3
R3V[484] R3
R3V[591] R3
R3V[593] R3
R3V[607] R3
R3V R3
R3WW[1009] R3
R3WW[1010] R3
R3WW[1038] R3
R3WW[1041] R3
R3WW[1045] R3
R3WW[1046] R3
R3WW[1047] R3
R3WW[1050] R3
R3WW[1059] R3
R3WW[1064] R3
R3WW[1094] R3
R3WW[1293] R3
R3W R3
R3X H(7) R3
R3X S183 R3
R3XX[1046] R3
R3XX[1312] R3
R3XX[1463] R3
R3XX[1660] R3
R3XX[1880] R3
R3XX[712] R3
R3XX[996] R3
R3XX[997] R3
R3XX[999] R3
R3X[1000] R3
R3X[1001] R3
R3X[1011] R3
R3X[1013] R3
R3X[1014] S183 R3
R3X[1015] S183 R3
R3X[1016] S183 R3
R3X[1017] S183 R3
R3X[1018] R3
R3X[1029] R3
R3X[1033] R3
R3X[1039] R3
R3X[1040] R3
R3X[1042] R3
R3X[1043] R3
R3X[1044] R3
R3X[1051] R3
R3X[1052] R3
R3X[1054] R3
R3X[1058] R3
R3X[1062] R3
R3X[1063] R3
R3X[1580] R3
R3X[1654] R3
R3X[2355] R3
R3X[2410] R3
R3X[938] R3
R3X R3
R3YY[1297]-h R3
R3YY[1297] R3
R3YY[1298] R3
R3YY[1455] R3
R3YY[1627] R3
R3YY[1742] R3
R3YY[1790] S264 R3
R3YY[1859] S268 R3
R3YY[1859] R3
R3YY[1885] R3
R3YY[1886] R3
R3YY[1890] S264 R3
R3YY[1909]/I1A R3
R3YY[1909] R3
R3YY[1918] H(12) R3
R3YY[2098] R3
R3YY[2115] R3
R3YY[2116] R3
R3YY[2145] R3
R3YY[2164] R3
R3YY[2269]-h R3
R3YY[2269] R3
R3YY[2317] R3
R3YY[2328] R3
R3YY[2338] R3
R3YY[2428] R3
R3YY[2435] R3
R3YY[2527] R3
R3YY[2559] R3
R3YY[2567] R3
R3YY[2568] R3
R3YY[2569] R3
R3YY[2578] R3
R3YY[2579] R3
R3YY[2580] R3
R3YY[2582] R3
R3YY[2586] R3
R3YY[2589] R3
R3YY[2590] R3
R3YY[2591] R3
R3YY[2592]-c R3
R3YY[2593] R3
R3YY[2617] R3
R3YY[2619] R3
R3YY[2633] R3
R3YY[2634] R3
R3YY[2652] R3
R3YY[2655] R3
R3YY[2710] S439 R3
R3YY[2711] R3
R3YY[2713]-h R3
R3YY[2716] R3
R3YY[2717] R3
R3YY[998] R3
R3Y[1011] R3
R3Y[1069] R3
R3Y[1070] R3
R3Y[1074] R3
R3Y[1076] R3
R3Y[1077] R3
R3Y[1079] R3
R3Y[1082] R3
R3Y[1086] R3
R3Y[1087] R3
R3Y[1193] R3
R3Y[1295] R3
R3Y[1308] R3
R3Y[1337] R3
R3Y[1394] R3
R3Y[1399] R3
R3Y[1406] R3
R3Y[1407] R3
R3Y[1408] R3
R3Y[1424] R3
R3Y[1429] R3
R3Y[1448] R3
R3Y[1644] R3
R3Y[2289] R3
R3Y[2290] R3
R3Y[2292] R3
R3Y[2293] R3
R3Y[704] R3
R3Y[705] R3
R3Y[706] R3
R3Y[707] R3
R3Y[708]-h R3
R3Y[708] R3
R3Y[709] R3
R3Y[710] R3
R3Y[711] R3
R3Y[713] R3
R3Z[1002] R3
R3Z[1003] R3
R3Z[1004] R3
R3Z[1005] R3
R3Z[1006] R3
R3Z[1007] R3
R3Z[1083] R3
R3Z[1164] R3
R3Z[1186] R3
R3Z[1187] R3
R3Z[1287] R3
R3Z[1304] R3
R3Z[1306] R3
R3Z[1311] R3
R3Z[1319] S233 R3
R3Z[1320] R3
R3Z[1401] R3
R3Z[1453] R3
R3Z[1454] R3
R3Z[1469] R3
R3Z[1598] R3
R3Z[1648] R3
R3Z[1677] R3
R3Z[1678] R3
R3Z[1684] R3
R3Z[1701] R3
R3Z[1725] R3
R3Z[1743] R3
R3Z[1744] R3
R3Z[1745] R3
R3Z[1805] R3
R3Z[1806] R3
R3Z[1807] R3
R3Z[1837] R3
R3Z[1864] R3
R3Z[1871] R3
R3Z[1884] R3
R3Z[1932]-h R3
R3Z[1945] R3
R3Z[1951] R3
R3Z[1963] R3
R3Z[2017]-h R3
R3Z[2033] R3
R3Z[2055] R3
R3Z[2059] R3
R3Z[2137] R3
R3Z[2140] R3
R3Z[2237] R3
R3Z[2238] R3
R3Z[2239] R3
R3Z[2275] R3
R3Z[2277] R3
R3Z[2278] R3
R3Z[2279] R3
R3Z[2394] R3
R3Z[2402] R3
R3Z[2462] R3
R3Z[2464] R3
R3Z[2532] R3
R3Z[2535] R3
R3Z[2560] R3
R3Z[2562] R3
R3Z[2622] S183 R3
R3Z[2625] R3
R3Z[2658] R3
R3Z[2665] R3
R3Z[643] R3
R3Z[644] R3
R3Z[645] R3
R3Z[646] R3
R3Z[647] R3
R3Z[648] R3
R3Z[649] R3
R3Z[650] R3
R3Z[651] R3
R3Z[652] R3
R3Z[653] R3
R3Z[655] R3
R3Z[656] R3
R3Z[657] R3
R3Z[658] R3
R3Z[659] R3
R3Z[660] R3
R3Z[662] R3
R3Z[663] R3
R3Z[666] R3
R3Z[668] R3
R3Z[669] R3
R3Z[670] R3
R3Z[671] R3
R3Z[673] R3
R3Z[674] S91 R3
R3Z[708] R3
R3Z[717] R3
R3Z[728] R3
R3Z[729] R3
R3Z[937] R3
R3Z[93] R3
R3Z[945] R3
R3Z R3
R4A[1572] R4
R4A[1640] R4
R4A[1645] R4
R4A[1773] R4
R4A[1774] R4
R4A[1775] R4
R4A[1776] R4
R4A[1910] R4
R4A[1930] R4
R4A[2162] R4
R4A[2163] R4
R4A[2641] R4
R4A[778] R4
R4A R4
R4B[1753] S254 R4
R4B[785] R4
R4B R4
R4C[2493] R4
R4D R4
R4F[1892] H(13.5) R4
R4G[1640] R4
R4J[2679] R4
R4J[925] R4
R4J R4
R4L[987] R4
R4M[1633] R4
R4M[1968] R4
R4M[2062] R4
R4M[2124] R4
R4M[2158] R4
R4M[2227] H(15) R4
R4M[2281] R4
R4M[2624] R4
R4M[2661] R4
R4M[920] R4
R4M[930] R4
R4M R4
R4N[1165] R4
R4N[1390] H(13.5) R4
R4N[1602] R4
R4N[1768] R4
R4N[2455] R4
R4N[2614] S408 R4
R4N[2695] R4
R4N[807] R4
R4N[897] S144 R4
R4N R4
R4Q[867] S130 R4
R4S[2351] R4
R4S[2595] R4
R4S[2632] R4
R4S[890] R4
R4S[912] R4
R4S[923] R4
R4T[2689] S432 R4
R4UA-c R4
R4UA[1100]-c R4
R4UA[1107]-c R4
R4UA[1108] R4
R4UA[1109]-c R4
R4UA[1111] R4
R4UA[1113]-c R4
R4UA[1115] R4
R4UA[1116] R4
R4UA[1117]-c R4
R4UA[1120] R4
R4UA[1122] R4
R4UA[1123] R4
R4UA[1124] R4
R4UA[1126] R4
R4UA[1127] R4
R4UA[1130] R4
R4UA[1131]-c R4
R4UA[1132] R4
R4UA[1133] R4
R4UA[1134]-c R4
R4UA[1135] R4
R4UA[1136] R4
R4UA[1137]-c R4
R4UA[1138] R4
R4UA[1139]-c R4
R4UA[1140] R4
R4UA[1141] R4
R4UA[1142] R4
R4UA[1143]-c R4
R4UA[1144] R4
R4UA[1145] R4
R4UA[1146] R4
R4UA[1307] R4
R4UA[1322] H(15) R4
R4UA[1322] R4
R4UA[1323] R4
R4UA[1340] R4
R4UA[2042] R4
R4UA[2073] R4
R4UA[2400] R4
R4UA[2516] R4
R4UA[2686] H(8.5) R4
R4UA[2691] R4
R4UA[480] R4
R4UA[492] R4
R4UA[828] R4
R4UA[976] R4
R4UB-c R4
R4UB[1270] R4
R4UB[1340] R4
R4UB[1447] R4
R4UB[159] R4
R4UB[2146] R4
R4UB[2249]-c R4
R4UB[2296] H(12.8) R4
R4UB[2426] R4
R4UB[2445]-c R4
R4UB[2487] R4
R4UB[2488]-c R4
R4UB[2493] R4
R4UB[2511]-c R4
R4UB[2558] R4
R4UB[2575] R4
R4UB[2603] R4
R4UB[2604] R4
R4UB[2621] R4
R4UB[2623] R4
R4UB[2626] R4
R4UB[2673] R4
R4UB[2676] R4
R4UB[2701]-c R4
R4UB[2702] R4
R4UB[479] R4
R4UB[480]-c R4
R4UB[480] R4
R4UB[621] R4
R4UB[623] R4
R4UB[784] S232 R4
R4UB[787] R4
R4UB[789] R4
R4UB[790] R4
R4UB[831] R4
R4UB[832] R4
R4UB[898] R4
R4UB[901] R4
R4UB[916] R4
R4UB[918] R4
R4UB[965] S217 R4
R4UB[980] R4
R4UC H(14) R4
R4UC H(20) R4
R4UC S166 R4
R4UC S192 R4
R4UC-c R4
R4UC[1265] R4
R4UC[1267] R4
R4UC[1271] R4
R4UC[1321] H(12.5) R4
R4UC[1392] R4
R4UC[1739] R4
R4UC[1921] R4
R4UC[2260] S350 R4
R4UC[2311]/I1A R4
R4UC[2311] R4
R4UC[2399]-c R4
R4UC[2456] R4
R4UC[2480]-c R4
R4UC[2480] R4
R4UC[2488]-c R4
R4UC[2682] R4
R4UC[2685] R4
R4UC[2709] R4
R4UC[478] R4
R4UC[479] R4
R4UC[480]-c R4
R4UC[480] R4
R4UC[490] R4
R4UC[493] R4
R4UC[774] R4
R4UC[776] S195 R4
R4UC[791] R4
R4UC[794] R4
R4UC[804] R4
R4UC[806] R4
R4UC[810] R4
R4UC[821] S166 R4
R4UC[824] S159 R4
R4UC[826] R4
R4UC[829] R4
R4UC[895] R4
R4UC[956] R4
R4UC[985] S226 R4
R4UD H(85) A.S.L. R4
R4UD S69 R4
R4UD S70 R4
R4UD S74 R4
R4UD S77 R4
R4UD-c R4
R4UD[1103] R4
R4UD[1112]-c R4
R4UD[1118] R4
R4UD[1121] R4
R4UD[1125] R4
R4UD[1265] R4
R4UD[1268] S308 R4
R4UD[1339] R4
R4UD[1340] R4
R4UD[1346] R4
R4UD[1348] R4
R4UD[1389] R4
R4UD[1609] R4
R4UD[1635] R4
R4UD[1666] R4
R4UD[1681] R4
R4UD[1754] R4
R4UD[1780] R4
R4UD[1848]-h R4
R4UD[1848] R4
R4UD[1874] R4
R4UD[1891] S275 H(12.5)-c R4
R4UD[1893] R4
R4UD[1927] R4
R4UD[2018] H(12) R4
R4UD[2037] R4
R4UD[2038] R4
R4UD[2113] R4
R4UD[2171] R4
R4UD[2247] R4
R4UD[2252]-c R4
R4UD[2268] S346 R4
R4UD[2274]-h R4
R4UD[2330] R4
R4UD[2335] R4
R4UD[2346] R4
R4UD[2347] R4
R4UD[2359] R4
R4UD[2391] R4
R4UD[2416] R4
R4UD[2419] R4
R4UD[2427] R4
R4UD[2439] R4
R4UD[2467] R4
R4UD[2470] R4
R4UD[2484] S232 R4
R4UD[2487] S70 R4
R4UD[2502] R4
R4UD[2514] R4
R4UD[2537] R4
R4UD[2551] R4
R4UD[2552] R4
R4UD[2553] R4
R4UD[2554] R4
R4UD[2565] R4
R4UD[2607] R4
R4UD[2646] R4
R4UD[2656] S172-h R4
R4UD[2657]-h R4
R4UD[2684]-c R4
R4UD[2699] S436 R4
R4UD[467] R4
R4UD[475] R4
R4UD[478]-c R4
R4UD[478] R4
R4UD[479] H(19) R4
R4UD[479] R4
R4UD[480]-c R4
R4UD[480] R4
R4UD[481] R4
R4UD[483] R4
R4UD[486] R4
R4UD[489] R4
R4UD[490] H(11) R4
R4UD[491] R4
R4UD[492] R4
R4UD[541] R4
R4UD[733] R4
R4UD[775] S172 R4
R4UD[780] R4
R4UD[784] S232 R4
R4UD[788] R4
R4UD[792] R4
R4UD[795] S177 R4
R4UD[797] R4
R4UD[801] S171 R4
R4UD[802] R4
R4UD[803] R4
R4UD[812] R4
R4UD[813] R4
R4UD[814] R4
R4UD[815] S160 R4
R4UD[817] R4
R4UD[818] R4
R4UD[819] S196 R4
R4UD[820] S196 R4
R4UD[823] R4
R4UD[825] R4
R4UD[827] R4
R4UD[831]-c R4
R4UD[831] R4
R4UD[833] S158 R4
R4UD[834] R4
R4UD[837] R4
R4UD[838] S197 R4
R4UD[840] R4
R4UD[841] H(24) R4
R4UD[842] R4
R4UD[843] R4
R4UD[844] R4
R4UD[845] R4
R4UD[846] S203 R4
R4UD[847] R4
R4UD[848] S198 R4
R4UD[879] R4
R4UD[880] R4
R4UD[881] H(18) R4
R4UD[882] S199 R4
R4UD[883] R4
R4UD[887] H(77.7) A.S.L. R4
R4UD[887] R4
R4UD[891] R4
R4UD[893] S131 R4
R4UD[896] R4
R4UD[899] S133 R4
R4UD[900] R4
R4UD[902] R4
R4UD[904] R4
R4UD[905] R4
R4UD[908] R4
R4UD[909] R4
R4UD[921] R4
R4UD[929] R4
R4UD[934] R4
R4UD[935] S74 R4
R4UD[936] S74 R4
R4UD[941] S69 R4
R4UD[942] S71 R4
R4UD[951]-c R4
R4UD[952] S74 R4
R4UD[952] S77 R4
R4UD[958] R4
R4UD[961] R4
R4UD[962] R4
R4UD[963] S214 R4
R4UD[963] R4
R4UD[968] R4
R4UD[973] R4
R4UD[974] S223 R4
R4UD[975] R4
R4UD[977] R4
R4UD[978] R4
R4UD[981] R4
R4UD[982] S225 R4
R4U[967] R4
R4U R4
R4V[1704] R4
R4V[1795] R4
R4X[1201] R4
R4X[1202] R4
R4X[1205] R4
R4X[1206] R4
R4X[1207] R4
R4X[2703] R4
R4Y[2452] S378 R4
R4Y R4
R4Z/I1A R4
R4ZZ[2291] R4
R4Z[1073]-h R4
R4Z[1078] R4
R4Z[1095] R4
R4Z[1096] R4
R4Z[1150] R4
R4Z[1151] R4
R4Z[1152] R4
R4Z[1153] R4
R4Z[1189] R4
R4Z[1190] R4
R4Z[1192] R4
R4Z[1203] R4
R4Z[1204] R4
R4Z[1210] R4
R4Z[1212] R4
R4Z[1213] R4
R4Z[1232] R4
R4Z[1233]-h R4
R4Z[1236] R4
R4Z[1238] R4
R4Z[1241] R4
R4Z[1243] R4
R4Z[1244] R4
R4Z[1252] R4
R4Z[1264] R4
R4Z[1288]-h R4
R4Z[1296] R4
R4Z[1300] R4
R4Z[1305] R4
R4Z[1309] R4
R4Z[1310] H(12.9) R4
R4Z[1335] R4
R4Z[1400] R4
R4Z[1449] R4
R4Z[1457] R4
R4Z[1599] R4
R4Z[1625] R4
R4Z[1652] R4
R4Z[1679] H(13) R4
R4Z[1724] R4
R4Z[1755] R4
R4Z[1831] R4
R4Z[1861] R4
R4Z[1878] R4
R4Z[1905] S277 R4
R4Z[1924] S280 R4
R4Z[2035] R4
R4Z[2276] R4
R4Z[2333] R4
R4Z[2360] R4
R4Z[2370] R4
R4Z[2415] R4
R4Z[2465] R4
R4Z[2513] R4
R4Z[2528] R4
R4Z[2533]-c R4
R4Z[2627] R4
R4Z[2630] R4
R4Z[2660] R4
R4Z[2704] R4
R4Z[979] R4
R4Z R4
R5A H(101) A.S.L. R5
R5A H(16) R5
R5A H(18) R5
R5A H(22) R5
R5A H(23) R5
R5A H(26) R5
R5A H(27) R5
R5A H(30) R5
R5A H(34) R5
R5A H(40) R5
R5AA[1727] R5
R5AA[1728] R5
R5AA[2024] S305 R5
R5AA[2025] R5
R5AA[2389] R5
R5A[1157] R5
R5A[1158] H(34) R5
R5A[1159] R5
R5A[1160] H(34) R5
R5A[1162] H(34) R5
R5A[1163] H(34) R5
R5A[1164] H(34) R5
R5A[1214] R5
R5A[1220] R5
R5A[1221] H(30) R5
R5A[1224] R5
R5A[1225] R5
R5A[1227] R5
R5A[1229] R5
R5A[1230] H(22) R5
R5A[1231] H(22) R5
R5A[1234] H(22) R5
R5A[1235] H(22) R5
R5A[1240] H(22) R5
R5A[1246] R5
R5A[1247] R5
R5A[1248] R5
R5A[1249] R5
R5A[1250] R5
R5A[1251] R5
R5A[1302] H(18) S183 R5
R5A[1318] H(18) R5
R5A[1328] H(23) R5
R5A[1409] R5
R5A[1451] R5
R5A[1491] H(22) R5
R5A[1491] R5
R5A[1492] H(18) R5
R5A[1533] H(20) S331 R5
R5A[1533] H(30) S331 R5
R5A[1641] R5
R5A[1685] R5
R5A[1700] S247, S282 R5
R5A[1923] H(34) R5
R5A[2144] S327 R5
R5A[2179] H(40) R5
R5A[2327] H(109.4) A.S.L. R5
R5A[2371] H(18) R5
R5A[2522] S390 R5
R5A[2605] S405 R5
R5A[2606] S406 R5
R5A[798] H(27) R5
R5A R5
R5B F(1.5) H(18) R5
R5B F(1.5) R5
R5B F(2.0) R5
R5B H(16) R5
R5B H(17) R5
R5B H(18) F(2.0) R5
R5B H(18) R5
R5B H(19) R5
R5B H(21) R5
R5B H(22) R5
R5B H(25) R5
R5B H(27) R5
R5B H(28) R5
R5B H(30) R5
R5B H(33) R5
R5B H(34) R5
R5B H(36) R5
R5B H(37) R5
R5B H(39) R5
R5B H(42) R5
R5B H(45) R5
R5B H(48) R5
R5B H(51) R5
R5B H(54) R5
R5B H(55) R5
R5B H(60) R5
R5B H(63) R5
R5B H(83) R5
R5B H[56.5] R5
R5BB[2689] S432 R5
R5B[1046] H(18) R5
R5B[1169] S224 R5
R5B[1195] H(18) R5
R5B[1195] H(19) R5
R5B[1345] F(3.0) R5
R5B[1345] H(37) R5
R5B[1347] H(19) R5
R5B[1357] H(19) R5
R5B[1365] H(18) R5
R5B[1366] H(18) R5
R5B[1473] S234 R5
R5B[1553] S185 R5
R5B[1600] S242 R5
R5B[1601] H(18) R5
R5B[1615] S235 R5
R5B[1657] R5
R5B[1717] S250 F(3.6) R5
R5B[1750] H(23.5) R5
R5B[1761] S255 R5
R5B[1762] H(30) R5
R5B[1763] S256 R5
R5B[1777] S260 R5
R5B[1789] F(3.0) R5
R5B[1798] F(6.5) R5
R5B[1811] H(83) R5
R5B[1829] S266 R5
R5B[1834] R5
R5B[1836] H(54) R5
R5B[1846]-h R5
R5B[1846] R5
R5B[1855] H(22) R5
R5B[1888] H(59.3) R5
R5B[1896] F(3.0) R5
R5B[1897] R5
R5B[1929] S284 R5
R5B[1934] S286-h R5
R5B[2012] H(18) R5
R5B[2123] F(3.9) S319 R5
R5B[2132] H(29) S322 R5
R5B[2147] S329 R5
R5B[2169] H(37) R5
R5B[2232] H(37) R5
R5B[2251] H(36) R5
R5B[2264]-h R5
R5B[2308] R5
R5B[2398] F(3.0) R5
R5B[2454] S379-h R5
R5B[2454] S379 R5
R5B[2459] H(18) R5
R5B[2463] H(41) R5
R5B[2472] H(21) R5
R5B[2555] S395 R5
R5B[2608] H(29.5) R5
R5B[2637] H(19)-h R5
R5B[2650] H(22) R5
R5B[2659] R5
R5B[2664] S421-h R5
R5B[2670] S424-h R5
R5B[2698] H(26.5) R5
R5B[408] H(19) R5
R5B[478] H(19) R5
R5B[479] H(19) R5
R5B[480] H(16) R5
R5B[480] H(33) R5
R5B[482] F(3.0) R5
R5B[482] H(37) R5
R5B[483] H(19) R5
R5B[483] H(21) R5
R5B[483] H(37) R5
R5B[491] H(19) S201 R5
R5B[491] H(19) R5
R5B[495] H(18) R5
R5B[496] H(42) R5
R5B[781] H(19) R5
R5B[786] H(36) S180 R5
R5B[799] H(22) R5
R5B[800] S185 R5
R5B[805] H(19) R5
R5B[808] H(19) R5
R5B[809] H(19) R5
R5B[816] H(21) R5
R5B[839] H(19) R5
R5B[851] H(37) R5
R5B[852] H(25) R5
R5B[853] H(37) R5
R5B[854] H(19) R5
R5B[855] H(19) R5
R5B[856] H(18) R5
R5B[857] H(19) R5
R5B[858] H(54) R5
R5B[859] H(18) R5
R5B[862] S178 R5
R5B[863] H(11) R5
R5B[863] H(55) R5
R5B[864] S132 R5
R5B[866] H(37) R5
R5B[868] S130 R5
R5B[869] H(18) R5
R5B[870] H(37) R5
R5B[875] S178 R5
R5B[876] S193 R5
R5B[878] S156 R5
R5B[886] H(37) R5
R5B[888] H(37) R5
R5B[889] H(37) R5
R5B[892] S166 R5
R5B[913] H(55) R5
R5B[914] H(18) R5
R5B[924] R5
R5B[927] H(37) R5
R5B[928] H(37) R5
R5B[954] H(37) R5
R5B[955] H(37) R5
R5B[970] F(3.0) R5
R5C H(122) A.S.L. R5
R5C H(126) A.S.L. R5
R5C H(145) A.S.L. R5
R5C H(18) F(2.0) R5
R5C H(18) R5
R5C H(22) R5
R5C H(25) R5
R5C H(27) R5
R5C H(28) S216 R5
R5C H(30) R5
R5C H(33) R5
R5C H(36) R5
R5C H(39) R5
R5C H(42) R5
R5C H(45) R5
R5C H(54) R5
R5C H(60) R5
R5C H(63) R5
R5C H(66) R5
R5C H(72) R5
R5C H(78) R5
R5C H(81) R5
R5C H(84) R5
R5C[138] H(18) R5
R5C[1866] H(25) R5
R5C[2374] H(81) R5
R5C[2495] F(3.0) H(25) R5
R5C[2496] F(3.0) H(18) R5
R5C[2496] F(3.0) H(39) R5
R5C[2496] F(3.0) H(57) R5
R5C[2496] F(3.0) H(70) R5
R5C[2496] F(3.5) H(36) R5
R5C[2496] F(3.5) H(75) R5
R5C[2496] F(3.5) H(78) R5
R5C[2496] F(6.0) H(70) R5
R5C[2696] S435 R5
R5C[480] H(33) R5
R5C[481] F(2.5) R5
R5C[481] H(18) F(2.5) R5
R5C[481] H(33) R5
R5C[481] H(42) R5
R5C[481] H(63) R5
R5C[871] H(75) R5
R5C[872] F(3.0) H(39) R5
R5C[874] H(33) R5
R5C[903] H(45) R5
R5C[926] F(2.5) R5
R5D (H25) R5
R5D H(25) R5
R5D[1099] H(25) R5
R5D[1104] H(25) R5
R5D[1114] R5
R5D[1119] H(25) R5
R5D[1452] R5
R5E H(37) R5
R5E[1098] H(57) R5
R5E[1102] H(22) R5
R5E[1106] H(48) R5
R5F S69 R5
R5F S70 R5
R5F [986] H(36) R5
R5F[1680] S70 R5
R5F[960] S69 R5
R5G H(16) R5
R5G H(18) R5
R5G H(30) R5
R5G H(36) R5
R5G H(68) R5
R5G[2638] S412 R5
R5G[479]H(25) R5
R5G[860] H(18) R5
R5G[990] H(32) R5
R5H H(18) F(2.0) R5
R5H[873] S202 R5
R5I H(19) R5
R5I H(25) S69 R5
R5J S74 R5
R5K H(18) F(1.5) R5
R5K[2133] H(20) R5
R5K[2219] H(27) R5
R5K[2611] H(20) R5
R5K[2612] H(20) R5
R5K[835] H(28) R5
R5K[906] H(19) R5
R5K[917] H(28) R5
R5K[932] H(28) R5
R5K[964] H(28) S215 R5
R5L H(18) F(2.0)-c R5
R5L H(18) F(2.0) R5
R5L H(19) R5
R5L[1340] H(18) F(2.0) R5
R5L[2109] H(19) R5
R5L[2112] H(19) R5
R5M H(18) R5
R5M[1340] H(18) R5
R5M[953] S70 R5
R5M[991] H(37) R5
R5N S71 R5
R5N S74 R5
R5N[1667] S74 R5
R5N[1856] S270 R5
R5N[2053] S312 R5
R5N[957] S74 R5
R5N[966] S71 R5
R5O H(20) R5
R5O H(27) R5
R5O H(40) S94,95 R5
R5O H(40) S94 R5
R5O S253 R5
R5O[1101] R5
R5O[951] H(20) R5
R5O R5
R5P H(37) R5
R5P H(64) R5
R5P S257 R5
R5P[1922] H(26) R5
R5P[238] H(37) S93 R5
R5P[238] H(40) S93 R5
R5P[239] H(37) R5
R5P[241] H(35) S86 R5
R5P[243] H(64) R5
R5P[2469] H(37) R5
R5P[247] H(64) R5
R5P[248] H(37) S146 R5
R5P[2564] S396 R5
R5Q H(37) R5
R5Q H(64) R5
R5Q[240] H(64) S93 R5
R5Q[242] S89-h R5
R5Q[244] F(3.0) H(64) R5
R5Q[2649] H(64) R5
R5Q[2683] S429 R5
R5R S74 R5
R5R S76 R5
R5R[235] S76 R5
R5R[236] S76 R5
R5R[237] S76 R5
R5R[246] S76 R5
R5R[2534]-c R5
R5S S77 R5
R5T[245] H(21) R5
R5T[245] H(41) R5
R5Y[2312] R5
R5Y[2313] R5
R5Y[2457] R5
R5Y[2458] R5
R5Z[1363] R5
R5Z[1364] R5
R5Z[1415] R5
R5Z[1807] R5
R5Z[1869] S269 R5
R5Z[1870] S269 R5
R5Z[2004] S297 R5
R5Z[2155] R5
R5Z[2168] R5
R5Z[2538] R5
R5Z[2556] R5
R5Z R5
RC10[2549] RC
RC10[2602] RC
RC10[264r] RC
RC10[432r] RC
RC10[433r] RC
RC10[845r] RC
RC11[335r] RC
RC11[380r] RC
RC11[381r] RC
RC11[731r] RC
RC11[856r] RC
RC1[140r] RC
RC1[152r] RC
RC1[155r] RC
RC1[167r] RC
RC1[170r] RC
RC1[250r] RC
RC1[292r] RC
RC1[387r] RC
RC1[465r] RC
RC1[58r] RC
RC1[668r] RC
RC1[87r]-h RC
RC2[115r] RC
RC2[22r] RC
RC2[231r] RC
RC2[247r] RC
RC2[33r] RC
RC2[382r] RC
RC2[403r] RC
RC2[43r] RC
RC2[463r] RC
RC2[464r] RC
RC2[467r] RC
RC2[67r] RC
RC2[707r] RC
RC2[72r] RC
RC2[765r] RC
RC2[81r] RC
RC3[122r] RC
RC3[130r] RC
RC3[195r] RC
RC3[212r] RC
RC3[213r] RC
RC3[219r] RC
RC3[246r] RC
RC3[249r] RC
RC3[268r] RC
RC3[34r] RC
RC3[384r] RC
RC3[438r] RC
RC3[439r] RC
RC3[440r] RC
RC3[457r] RC
RC3[459r] RC
RC3[466r]-h RC
RC3[468r] RC
RC3[469r] RC
RC3[49r] RC
RC3[546r]-h RC
RC3[546r] RC
RC3[58r] RC
RC3[61r] RC
RC3[84r] RC
RC3[90r] RC
RC3[94r] RC
RC3[97r] RC
RC4[181r] RC
RC4[248r] RC
RC4[368r] RC
RC4[441r] RC
RC4[456r] RC
RC4[459r] RC
RC4[460r] RC
RC4[48r] RC
RC4[528r] H(15) RC
RC4[528r] S381-h RC
RC4[529r] H(15) RC
RC4[83r] RC
RC4[84r] RC
RC4[86r] RC
RC4[876r] RC
RC5[224r] S11r-h RC
RC5[226r]-h RC
RC5[226r] RC
RC5[343r] RC
RC5[730r] RC
RC5[9r] RC
RC7[280r] RC
RC7[810r] RC
RC8[277r] RC
RC8[281r] RC
RC9[271r] RC
RC9[272r] RC
RC9[274r] RC
RC9[275r]-h RC
RC9[278r] RC
RC9[322r] RC
RC9[720r] RC
RC[100r] RC
RC[102r] RC
RC[153r] RC
RC[154r] RC
RC[174r] RC
RC[179r] RC
RC[192r] RC
RC[196r]-h RC
RC[207r] RC
RC[228r] RC
RC[259r] RC
RC[293r] RC
RC[303r] RC
RC[304r] RC
RC[312r] RC
RC[313r] RC
RC[338r] RC
RC[348r] RC
RC[34r] RC
RC[36r] RC
RC[37r]-h RC
RC[383r] RC
RC[436r] RC
RC[437r] RC
RC[461r] RC
RC[46r] RC
RC[470r] RC
RC[47r] RC
RC[51r] RC
RC[52r] RC
RC[56r] RC
RC[58r] RC
RC[601r] RC
RC[705r] H(10) RC
RC[706r] H(10) RC
RC[71r] RC
RC[753r] RC
RC[773r] RC
RC[775r] RC
RC[819r] RC
RC[821r] RC
RC[82r] RC
RC[84r] RC
RC[88r] RC
RC[92r] RC
RC[95r] RC
RG1[110r] RG
RG1[120r] RG
RG1[199r] RG
RG1[201r] RG
RG1[21r] RG
RG1[222r] RG
RG1[238r] RG
RG1[242r] RG
RG1[243r] RG
RG1[245r] RG
RG1[252r] RG
RG1[290r] RG
RG1[370r] RG
RG1[44r] RG
RG1[45r] RG
RG1[57r] RG
RG1[66r] RG
RG1[68r] RG
RG1[74r] RG
RG1[774r] RG
RG1[78r] RG
RG1[816r] RG
RG1[85r] RG
RG1[89r] RG
RG1[93r] RG
RG1[96r] RG
RG1[98r] RG
RG1[99r] RG
RG2[21r] RG
RG3[151r] RG
RG3[385r]-h RG
RG3[385r] RG
RG3[637r] RG
RG3[641r] RG
RG3[774r] RG
RG3[79r] RG
RG3[80r] RG
RG4[285r] RG
RG4[399r] RG
RG5[199r] RG
RG5[275r]-h RG
RG5[282r] RG
RG5[283r] RG
RG5[284r] RG
RG5[878r]-h RG
RG[116r] RG
RG[199r] RG
RG[21r] RG
RG[23r] RG
RG[255r] RG
RG[276r] RG
RG[294r] RG
RG[355r] RG
RG[401r]-h RG
RG[53r] RG
RG[64r] RG
RG[65r] RG
RG[69r] RG
RG[708r] RG
RG[716r] RG
RG[723r] RG
RG[729r] RG
RG[73r] RG
RG[777r] RG
RG[784r] RG
RG[875r] RG
RG[886r] RG
RG[887r] RG
RG[888r] RG
RG[889r] H(22)-h RG
RG[895r] RG
RG[91r] RG
RH1[113r] RH
RH1[121r] RH
RH1[200r] RH
RH1[260r] RH
RH1[269r]-h RH
RH1[270r] RH
RH2[655r] RH
RH3[21r] RH
RH[27r] RH
RH[28r] RH
RH[29r] RH
RH[35r] RH
RH[538r] RH
RH[664r] RH
RH[703r] RH
RH[70r] RH
RH[76r] RH
RH[787r] RH
RH[818r] RH
RH[860r] H(18)-h RH
RI H(15) RI
RI1 H(15) RI
RI1 H(18) RI
RI1[343r] RI
RI1[835r] RI
RI2 H(15) RI
RI3 H(15) RI
RI3[199r] RI
RI3[266r] RI
RI3[444r] RI
RI3[471r] H(16) RI
RI3[607r] RI
RI3[608r] RI
RI3[814r] RI
RI3[815r] RI
RI4[748r] RI
RI5 H(15) RI
RI5[109r] RI
RI5[173r] RI
RI5[233r] RI
RI5[236r] RI
RI5[267r] RI
RI5[389r] RI
RI5[443r] RI
RI5[445r] RI
RI5[446r] RI
RI5[472r] RI
RI5[473r] RI
RI5[711r] RI
RI5[738r] RI
RI5[824r] RI
RI5[865r] RI
RI5[866r] RI
RI6[235r] RI
RI6[800r] RI
RI7[445r] RI
RI8[17r] RI
RI8[279r] RI
RI[307r] H(20) RI
RI[391r] RI
RI[609r] RI
RI[643r] RI
RI[712r] RI
RI[813r] RI
RI[874r] RI
RM1[602r]-h RM
RM2[367r] RM
RM2[449r] RM
RM3[188r]-h RM
RM3[373r] RM
RM3[374r] RM
RR10[288r] RR
RR10[297r] RR
RR10[627r] RR
RR10[659r] RR
RR11[25r] RR
RR11[26r] RR
RR11[343r] RR
RR11[344r] RR
RR11[392r] RR
RR11[393r] RR
RR11[509r] RR
RR12[18r] RR
RR12[343r] RR
RR12[509r] RR
RR12[629r] RR
RR12[665r] RR
RR13[343r] RR
RR14[343r] RR
RR14[660r] RR
RR15[343r] RR
RR15[392r] RR
RR15[660r] RR
RR16[343r] RR
RR16[345r] RR
RR17[343r] RR
RR1[129r] RR
RR1[12r] RR
RR1[13r] RR
RR1[15r] RR
RR1[18r] RR
RR1[38r] RR
RR1[475r] RR
RR1[514r] RR
RR1[515r]-h RR
RR1[837r] RR
RR2[128r] RR
RR2[129r] RR
RR2[12r] RR
RR2[134r] RR
RR2[13r] RR
RR2[168r] RR
RR2[169r] RR
RR2[172r] RR
RR2[18r] RR
RR2[197r] RR
RR2[318r] RR
RR2[323r] RR
RR2[327r] RR
RR2[330r] RR
RR2[331r] RR
RR2[333r] RR
RR2[342r] RR
RR2[38r] RR
RR2[41r] RR
RR2[522r] RR
RR2[544r] RR
RR2[620r] RR
RR2[631r] RR
RR2[639r] RR
RR2[651r] RR
RR2[652r] RR
RR2[658r] RR
RR2[828r] RR
RR2[9r] RR
RR3 [328r] RR
RR3[10r] RR
RR3[11r] RR
RR3[129r] RR
RR3[12r] RR
RR3[135r] RR
RR3[13r] RR
RR3[14r] RR
RR3[177r] RR
RR3[18r] RR
RR3[329r] RR
RR3[343r] RR
RR3[369r] RR
RR3[38r] RR
RR3[390r] RR
RR3[39r] RR
RR3[40r] RR
RR3[489r] RR
RR3[518r] RR
RR3[540r] RR
RR3[743r] RR
RR3[760r] RR
RR3[785r] S328-h RR
RR3[785r] S328 RR
RR3[8r] RR
RR3[9r] RR
RR4[15r] RR
RR4[343r] RR
RR4[512r] RR
RR4[647r] RR
RR4[648r] RR
RR4[649r] RR
RR4[660r] RR
RR4[702r] RR
RR4[744r] RR
RR4[808r] RR
RR5[15r] RR
RR5[241r] RR
RR5[341r] RR
RR5[343r] RR
RR5[347r] RR
RR5[392r] RR
RR5[523r] RR
RR5[524r] RR
RR5[526r] RR
RR5[542r] RR
RR5[660r] RR
RR5[717r] RR
RR5[786r] RR
RR5[8r] RR
RR6[146r] RR
RR6[291r] RR
RR7[19r] RR
RR7[496r] RR
RR7[497r] RR
RR7[498r] RR
RR7[499r] RR
RR7[534r] RR
RR8[15r] RR
RR8[475r] RR
RR8[513r] RR
RR9[519r] RR
RR[515r]-h RR
RR[672r] RR
RR[673r] RR
RR[704r] RR
RR[756r] RR
RR[757r] RR
RR[758r] RR
RR[881r] RR
RR[882r] RR
RR[883r] RR
RU1[19r] RU
RU1[256r] RU
RU1[258r] RU
RU1[297r] RU
RU1[351r] RU
RU2[191r] RU
RU2[19r] RU
RU2[253r] RU
RU2[297r] RU
RU2[495r] RU
RU4[297r] RU
RU[103r] RU
RU[104r] RU
RU[105r] RU
RU[106r] RU
RU[107r] RU
RU[114r] RU
RU[122r] RU
RU[123r] RU
RU[124r] RU
RU[125r] RU
RU[128r] RU
RU[12r] RU
RU[131r] RU
RU[134r] RU
RU[136r] RU
RU[138r] RU
RU[13r] RU
RU[142r] RU
RU[148r] RU
RU[173r] RU
RU[176r] RU
RU[177r] RU
RU[178r] RU
RU[179r] RU
RU[183r] RU
RU[185r] RU
RU[187r] RU
RU[18r] RU
RU[193r] RU
RU[197r] RU
RU[19r] RU
RU[200r] RU
RU[202r] RU
RU[203r] RU
RU[216r] RU
RU[218r] RU
RU[220r] RU
RU[223r] RU
RU[229r] RU
RU[230r] RU
RU[232r] RU
RU[234r] RU
RU[239r] RU
RU[240r] RU
RU[251r] RU
RU[2618] RU
RU[261r] RU
RU[262r] RU
RU[264r] RU
RU[289r] RU
RU[297r] RU
RU[298r] RU
RU[300r] RU
RU[322r] RU
RU[326r] RU
RU[32r] RU
RU[332r] RU
RU[337r] RU
RU[352r] RU
RU[353r] RU
RU[354r] RU
RU[363r] RU
RU[372r] RU
RU[406r] RU
RU[42r] RU
RU[442r] RU
RU[444r] RU
RU[452r] RU
RU[474r] RU
RU[476r] RU
RU[482r] RU
RU[516r] RU
RU[517r] RU
RU[520r] RU
RU[521r] RU
RU[525r] RU
RU[532r] RU
RU[533r] RU
RU[543r] RU
RU[545r] RU
RU[548r] RU
RU[60r] RU
RU[640r]-h RU
RU[644r] RU
RU[646r] RU
RU[650r] RU
RU[653r] RU
RU[657r]-h RU
RU[677r] RU
RU[6r] RU
RU[714r] RU
RU[728r] RU
RU[735r] RU
RU[741r] RU
RU[745r] RU
RU[746r] RU
RU[751r]-h RU
RU[789r] RU
RU[799r]-h RU
RU[803r]-h RU
RU[806r]-h RU
RU[826r] RU
RU[834r] RU
RU[855r] RU
RU[894r] S410 RU
RU[9r] RU
T1A[306r] T1
T1A T1
T1B[356r] T1
T1B[357r] T1
T1B[358r]-h T1
T1B[358r] T1
T1B[899r]-h T1
T1B T1
T2B T2
T2C T2
T2 T2
TD1[1978] TD
TD1[1984] TD
TD1[1993] TD
TD1[1999] TD
TD1[2078] TD
TD1[2079] TD
TD1[2082] TD
TD1[2083] TD
TD1[2086] TD
TD1[2087] TD
TD1[2089] TD
TD1[2700] TD
TD2 [1971] TD
TD2[1970] TD
TD2[1974] TD
TD2[1979] TD
TD2[1980]-h TD
TD2[1982] TD
TD2[1983] TD
TD2[1985] TD
TD2[1986] TD
TD2[1989] S263-h2 TD
TD2[2000] TD
TD2[2001] TD
TD2[2002] TD
TD2[2077] TD
TD2[2078] TD
TD2[2079] TD
TD2[2080] TD
TD2[2081] TD
TD2[2082] TD
TD2[2084] H(65) TD
TD2[2085] TD
TD2[2086] TD
TD2[2087] TD
TD2[2091] TD
TD2[2092] TD
TD2[2350] H(65) TD
TD2[2350] TD
TD2[2674] TD
TD3[1971] TD
TD3[1972] TD
TD3[1973] TD
TD3[1975] TD
TD3[1976] TD
TD3[1977] TD
TD3[1978] TD
TD3[1979] TD
TD3[1980]-h TD
TD3[1981] TD
TD3[1987] TD
TD3[1988] S263-h1 TD
TD3[1990] TD
TD3[1991] TD
TD3[1992] S263 TD
TD3[1994] TD
TD3[1995] TD
TD3[1996] TD
TD3[1997] TD
TD3[1998] TD
TD3[1999] TD
TD3[2029] TD
TD3[2077] H(107) TD
TD3[2077] H(137) TD
TD3[2084] TD
TD3[2086] TD
TD3[2087] TD
TD3[2090] TD
TD3[2091] TD
TD3[2643] S418 TD
TD3[2647] TD
TD3[3] TD
TM (1833) S267 TM
TM F(4.5) H(84) TM
TM H(11) TM
TM H(14.5) TM
TM H(15) TM
TM H(16) TM
TM H(18) TM
TM H(19) TM
TM H(20) TM
TM H(23) TM
TM H(24) TM
TM H(25) TM
TM H(33) TM
TM H(37) TM
TM H(42) TM
TM H(69) TM
TM11[109] TM
TM11[124] TM
TM11[126] TM
TM11[150] S142, S143 TM
TM11[156] TM
TM11[1813] TM
TM11[1814] TM
TM11[1815] TM
TM11[1820] S289 TM
TM11[1822] TM
TM11[1823] TM
TM11[1824] TM
TM11[1947] TM
TM11[2297] TM
TM11[2318] S351 TM
TM11[2405] TM
TM11[2461] TM
TM11[32] TM
TM11[408] TM
TM11[635] TM
TM12 H(14.5) TM
TM12 [2107] TM
TM12[1839] H(14.5) TM
TM12[2222] TM
TM12[2299] H(14.5) TM
TM13[2110] H(14.5) TM
TM14 H(14.5) TM
TM14 H(15) TM
TM14 H(17) TM
TM14 H(20) TM
TM14 H(37) TM
TM14[60] H(15) TM
TM15[2689] S432 TM
TM1[1531] H(15) TM
TM1[161] TM
TM1[162] TM
TM1[1749] H(15) TM
TM1[989] TM
TM2 H(15) TM
TM2 H(18) TM
TM2[147] H(15) TM
TM2[148] H(15) TM
TM2[2645] TM
TM2[98] H(15) TM
TM3 H(16) TM
TM3 H(24) TM
TM3 H(30) TM
TM3 H(42) TM
TM3[139] TM
TM3[1653] TM
TM3[170] TM
TM3[2282] H(16) TM
TM3[2515] H(11)-h TM
TM3[2515] H(42)-h TM
TM3[2517] H(42) TM
TM3[2719] S441 TM
TM3[386] TM
TM3[74] TM
TM5[70] H(57) TM
TM5[71] TM
TM6 F(2.5) H(16) TM
TM6 F(3.5) H(19) TM
TM6 F(4.5) H(19) TM
TM6 F(5.0) H(19) TM
TM6[100] F(3.5) H(37) TM
TM6[145] F(2.0) H(19) TM
TM6[158] F(3.0) H(19) TM
TM6[158] F(3.5) H(19) TM
TM6[158] F(3.5) H(37) TM
TM6[1603] H(19) TM
TM6[1603] H(37) TM
TM6[1697] F(3.0) H(22)-h TM
TM6[2273] F(4.25) S347-h TM
TM6[2524] F(4.5) H(29) S391 TM
TM6[84] F(3.5) H(19) S109 TM
TM6[88] F(3.0) H(19) TM
TM6[94] F(1.75) H(19) S131 TM
TM6[94] F3.5) H(19) S131 TM
TM7[1411] H(14) TM
TM7[1839] TM
TM7[1841] TM
TM7[1850]-h TM
TM7[2182] TM
TM7[2192] TM
TM7[2381] S367 TM
TM7[45] TM
TM8 H(15) TM
TM8[1200] S229 TM
TM8[1274] S230 TM
TM8[1275] H(15) TM
TM8[1277] TM
TM8[1279] H(15) TM
TM8[1281] H(15) TM
TM8[1481] TM
TM8[2023] S304 TM
TM8[2715] S440 TM
TM8[82] S110 & S111 TM
TM9 H(15) TM
TM9[1736] H(15) TM
TM9[2270] H(15) TM
TM9[2271] H(15) TM
TM9[2272] H(15) TM
TM9[465] H(15) TM
TM[102] TM
TM[103] TM
TM[1099] H(25) TM
TM[1105] TM
TM[112] H(16) TM
TM[112] TM
TM[123] H(15) TM
TM[123] H(21.5) TM
TM[125] H(19) TM
TM[125] TM
TM[1276] S364 TM
TM[1280] TM
TM[1373] H(15) TM
TM[138] TM
TM[140] TM
TM[141] TM
TM[1480] TM
TM[152] S145 TM
TM[1531] H(15) TM
TM[153] H(24) TM
TM[1558] TM
TM[157] F(2.3) S149 TM
TM[160] S150,151 TM
TM[1632] S243 TM
TM[164] H(47) TM
TM[1669] S237 TM
TM[166] H(15) TM
TM[1675] H(24) TM
TM[171] TM
TM[173] TM
TM[1763] S256 S428 TM
TM[1763] S256-h TM
TM[1763] S256 TM
TM[176] TM
TM[1778] S261 TM
TM[17] TM
TM[1876] TM
TM[1935] S385 TM
TM[1936] S287 TM
TM[1943] S288-h TM
TM[1944] S241 TM
TM[2016] H(31) TM
TM[2030] TM
TM[2096] H(32.5) TM
TM[2108] S317 TM
TM[2121] H(100)-h TM
TM[2173] H(15) TM
TM[2183] TM
TM[2184] TM
TM[2185] H(16) TM
TM[2185] H(18) TM
TM[2185] H(19) TM
TM[2185] H(37) TM
TM[2185] TM
TM[2186] H(14.5) TM
TM[2186] H(18) TM
TM[2186] H(19) TM
TM[2188] H(18.5) TM
TM[2188] H(24.5) TM
TM[2189] TM
TM[2190] TM
TM[2191] TM
TM[2214] S221 TM
TM[2214] TM
TM[2223] H(14.5) TM
TM[2224] H(14.5) TM
TM[2228] TM
TM[2236] S338 TM
TM[2339] F(6.0) S354 TM
TM[2342] S355 TM
TM[2357] H(23.4) TM
TM[2362] S362 TM
TM[2363] F(3.5) S365-h TM
TM[236] S76 TM
TM[2395] S369 TM
TM[2417] S373 TM
TM[2429] S376 TM
TM[2442]-h TM
TM[2444]-h TM
TM[2446] H(30) TM
TM[2473] TM
TM[2474] TM
TM[2475] TM
TM[2476] TM
TM[2477] TM
TM[2478] TM
TM[2480] TM
TM[2486] H(16) TM
TM[2489] S382 TM
TM[2494] H(25) TM
TM[2497] H(15) TM
TM[2497] H(33) TM
TM[2498] H(27) TM
TM[2506] S387 TM
TM[2536] S393 TM
TM[2557] H(20) TM
TM[2566] H(12) TM
TM[2570] S397 S428 TM
TM[2570] S397 TM
TM[2571] S398 TM
TM[2574] S399 TM
TM[2581] S400-h TM
TM[2601] H(20) TM
TM[2644] S419 TM
TM[2678] S427 TM
TM[26] S98 TM
TM[2722] S442 TM
TM[413] H(25) TM
TM[440] H(19) TM
TM[453] S227 TM
TM[454] H(16) TM
TM[456] TM
TM[64] S127 TM
TM[74] H(19) TM
TM[74] H(25) TM
TM[74] TM
TM[76] TM
TM[78] H(15) TM
TM[78] TM
TM[79] TM
TM[80] H(15) S107 TM
TM[811] TM
TM[81] H(18) TM
TM[83] H(15) TM
TM[83] H(19) TM
TM[83] TM
TM[85] H(15) S107 TM
TM[86] TM
TM[87] H(19) TM
TM[884] S415-h TM
TM[97] H(15) TM
TM[9] TM
V1A[848r] S375 V1
V1A[849r] S375 V1
V1A[853r] V1
V1A[854r] V1
V1A V1
V1B[603r] V1
V1B V1
V1C[12r] V1
V1C[309r] V1
V1C[386r]-h V1
V1C[551r] V1
V1C[614r]-h V1
V1C[869r] V1
V1C[870r] S404 V1
V1C V1
V1D[18r] V1
V1D[575r]-h V1
V1D[575r] V1
V1D V1
V1E[308r] V1
V1E[321r] V1
V1E[617r] V1
V1E[634r] V1
V1E[656r] V1
V1E[661r] V1
V1E[662r] V1
V1E[721r] V1
V1E[749r] V1
V1E[822r] V1
V1E[839r] V1
V1E[841r] V1
V1E[842r] V1
V1E[843r] V1
V1E[844r] V1
V1E V1
V1F[398r] V1
V1F[864r]-h V1
V1F[867r] S392 V1
V1F V1
V1G[16r] V1
V1G[566r] V1
V1G[576r] V1
V1G[577r] V1
V1G[579r] V1
V1G[581r] V1
V1G[590r] V1
V1G[606r] V1
V1G[667r] V1
V1G[764r] V1
V1G V1
V1H[215r] V1
V1H[343r] V1
V1H[350r] V1
V1H[360r] V1
V1H[570r] V1
V1H[588r] V1
V1H[592r]-h V1
V1H[592r] V1
V1H[593r] V1
V1H[594r] V1
V1H[595r] V1
V1H[596r] V1
V1H[598r] V1
V1H[599r] V1
V1H[615r] V1
V1H[616r] V1
V1H[710r] V1
V1H V1
V1I[179r] V1
V1I[316r] V1
V1I[320r] V1
V1I[395r] V1
V1I[511r] V1
V1I[556r] V1
V1I[557r] V1
V1I[560r] V1
V1I[562r] V1
V1I[563r] V1
V1I[604r] V1
V1I[605r] V1
V1I[610r] V1
V1I[622r] V1
V1I[623r] V1
V1I[624r] V1
V1I[880r] V1
V1I V1
V1J[567r] V1
V1J[631r] V1
V1J V1
V1K V1
V1L[343r] V1
V1M[682r] V1
V1M V1
V1N[375r] V1
V1N[565r] V1
V1N[727r] V1
V1N V1
V1O[850r] V1
V1O[851r] V1
V1O V1
V1P[16r] V1
V1P[506r] V1
V1P[54r] S239 V1
V1P[582r] V1
V1P[583r] V1
V1P[585r] V1
V1P[589r] V1
V1P[590r] V1
V1P[713r] V1
V1P[761r] V1
V1P[796r] V1
V1P[840r] V1
V1P[897r] V1
V1P V1
V1Q[736r] V1
V1Q[801r] V1
V1Q V1
V2A V2
V2B[343r] V2
V2B[559r] V2
V2B[568r] V2
V2B V2
V2C[448r] V2
V2C[635r] V2
V2C V2
V2D[552r] V2
V2D[611r] V2
V2D[678r] V2
V2D V2
V2E[779r]-h V2
V2E[779r] V2
V2E[893r] V2
V2E V2
V3A[613r] V3
V3A[795r] V3
V3A[871r] S404 V3
V3A[872r] S404 V3
V3A V3
V3B[376r] V3
V3B[377r] V3
V3B[553r] V3
V3B[564r] V3
V3B[628r] V3
V3B[675r] V3
V3B[737r] V3
V3B[770r] V3
V3B[780r]-h V3
V3B[780r] V3
V3B[802r] V3
V3B[847r] S375 V3
V3B V3
V3C V3
V3D V3
V3E[503r] V3
V3E[830r] V3
V3E[858r] V3
V3E[859r]-h V3
V3E V3
V3F[505r] V3
V3F[852r] V3
V3F V3
V3G[504r] V3
V3G[573r] V3
V3G[574r] V3
V3G[580r] V3
V3G[612r] V3
V3G[791] V3
V3G V3
V3H[571r] V3
V3H V3
V3I[361r] V3
V3I V3
VM S244 VM
VM10[164r] VM
VM1[156r] VM
VM1[157r] VM
VM1[163r] VM
VM1[829r] H(11) VM
VM3[317r] VM
VM3[396r] H(10.7) VM
VM3[811r] H(11) VM
VM3[812r] H(11) VM
VM4[892r] VM
VM5[160r] VM
VM7[161r] VM
VM7[162r] VM
VM7[314r] VM
VM8 V3
VM9[838r] VM
VM[311r] VM
VM[346r] VM
VM[349r] VM
VM[397r]-h VM
VM[508r] VM
VM[626r] VM
VM[666r] VM
VM[679r] S298 VM
VM[680r] VM
VM[681r] VM
VM[755r] VM
VM[862r] VM
^_R3WW R3

+ I want to view details of more Zoning Districts of Ottawa, Ontario

What is Zoning?

Zoning codes are a century old, and the lifeblood of all major U.S. cities, determining what can be built where and what activities can take place in a neighborhood. Zoning is how cities control the development and use of land. Zoning defines the legally permitted and prohibited uses of a piece of land, determining if plot of land can be used for commercial, industrial, residential or agricultural purposes. Essentially, it determines what can and cannot be built on a property.

Zoning and Real Estate Values

Zoning is the first stage of the home life cycle and a key influence on all other stages. Zillow has identified that zoning regulations are so important that they impact home values. Zillow Research found that home values grew most in markets with the strictest land use regulations. Home values in the most restrictive metropolitan areas grew an average of 23.4%, more than double the home value appreciation in the least restrictive metros. Zoning regulations are determined locally and some cities can have more restrictive regulation systems than others. However, within a city’s zoning system individual zones can be more restrictive and less restrictive, including different single family zones.

Zoneomics has the largest breadth of zoning data coverage with over— 20 zoning related insights for you to integrate and expand your database. Including permitted land uses, rezonings, variances, density controls, built form controls, envelopes, housing supply data, employment generation, underutilized parcels, short term rental permissibility, proponents and developers

* For address where we don't require manual effort would have zone report for $29.95 and deliver instantly and where manual effort is required, the price for report would be $59.95 and it would be delivered in 24 hours.