Victoria British Columbia Zoning Map

The Zoning Map for the City of Victoria in British Columbia divides the city’s real estate into zones based on land use and building regulations.

The Zoning Ordinance divides the city based on zoning, land use and building regulations information.

Use Zoneomics, to search for real estate records and find the precise property data you need.

The Property data comprises Zoning information by aggregating:

  • Municipal zoning mapping
  • Code & Ordinance Records
  • Related Data e.g. permitted uses, maximum building height, maximum floor area ratio etc.

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Quick Stats: Victoria’s Most Common Zones

Single Family Dwelling District - R1-B


33.04% Land Coverage

3,679 Area

Two Family Dwelling District - R-2


10.54% Land Coverage

1,173 Area

Multiple Dwelling District - R3-2


6.09% Land Coverage

678 Area

Gonzales Single Family Dwelling District - R1-G


5.73% Land Coverage

638 Area

Rockland Single Family Dwelling District - R1-A


4.36% Land Coverage

486 Area

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Victoria, British Columbia Zoning Districts Explained

Zoneomics operates the most comprehensive zoning database for Victoria British Columbia and other zoning maps across the U.S. Zoneomics includes over 50 million real estate properties, each property features zoning code/district, permitted land uses, development standards, rezoning and variance data. Zoneomics attracts a large community of British Columbia real estate professionals. Members from British Columbia include brokers, investors and service providers, many of whom specialize in British Columbia Real Estate.

Zone Code Zone Name
AGGV Art Gallery Of Greater Victoria District
BPT Belleville Park Tourist District
C-1T Limited Commercial Transient Accommodation
C-1 Limited Commercial District
C-SM Menzies Special Service Station District
C-SS Special Service Station District
C-SY Yates Special Service Station District
C1-1 Gorge Limited Commercial District
C1-2 Fort Limited Commercial District
C1-3 Limited Commercial Cannabis District
C1-4 Fort Street Commercial Cannabis District
C1-AS-1 Hillside Commercial Automotive District
C1-AS Limited Commercial Automotive Service Centre District
C1-BB Blanshard And Broughton Street District
C1-BP Brew Pub Commercial District
C1-C2 Limited Commercial Small Cannabis District
C1-C3 Catherine Commercial District
C1-CA Limited Casino Commercial District
C1-CC Limited Commercial Cannabis District
C1-CH Cook Hillside Multiple Dwelling District
C1-CR-2 Neighbourhood Business District
C1-CR-4 Neighbourhood Office District
C1-CR-5 Balmoral Neighbourhood Office District
C1-CR-6 Quadra Commercial Residential District
C1-CR-7 Burnside Neighbourhood Business District
C1-CR-G Government Street Commercial Residential District
C1-CR Commercial Residential District
C1-C Club District
C1-DC-1 Shopping Centre District
C1-DC-2 Suburban Shopping Centre District
C1-FH2 Fort Street Commercial Heritage 2 District
C1-FH Fort Street Commercial Heritage District
C1-FS Limited Commercial Free Standing Food Sales District
C1-G Gorge Road Neighbourhood Business District
C1-HA Haultain Brew District
C1-HC Hillside Commercial District
C1-HM Hillside And Market District
C1-H Limited Commercial Hotel District
C1-JB James Bay Extended Commercial District
C1-J Limited Commercial Junction District
C1-L Commercial Landscape District
C1-MF Moss And Fairfield Limited Commercial District
C1-MS Myrtle And Shelbourne Streets Commercial Residential District
C1-M Limited Commercial Medical Uses District
C1-N-BU Burnside U Brew Wine District
C1-N-H Hillside Pub District
C1-N-NO Nanaimo Neighbourhood District
C1-N-Q Queens Transient Accommodation District
C1-N2 Neighbourhood Shopping Cannabis 2 District
C1-NC Neighbourhood Shopping Cannabis District
C1-NM-G Gorge Road Neighbourhood Modified Shopping District
C1-NM Neighbourhood Modified Shopping District
C1-NN Suburban Centre District
C1-N Neighbourhood Shopping District
C1-OC-H Hillside Office Commercial District
C1-P-FL Fort And Leighton Pub District
C1-PC Cook And Oxford Streets Pub District
C1-P Neighbourhood Pub District
C1-QA Queens Avenue Limited Commercial District
C1-QC Quadra Village Cannabis District
C1-QV-F Quadra Village Fifth Street District
C1-QV1 Quadra Village Commercial District
C1-QV2 Quadra Village 2558 Quadra District
C1-QV Quadra Village District
C1-RC Regional Shopping Centre District
C1-RLC Richmond Limited Commercial District
C1-R Richmond Limited Commercial District
C1-S2 Limited Commercial Service Station Cannabis District
C1-S Limited Commercial Service Station District
C1-TC Hillside Town Centre District
C1-TD Limited Commercial Transient Accommodation Douglas Street District
C1-TM1 Blanshard Residential Care District
C1-VH Limited Commercial Veterinary Hospital District
C1-V Limited Commercial Veterinarian Clinic District
C1N-B Bus Terminal District
C1N-D Douglas Commercial District
CA-1-FG Franklin Green District
CA-11 Central Area Executive House District
CA-1 Pandora Avenue Special Commercial District
CA-2 Fort Street Special Commercial District
CA-37 Y Lot District
CA-38 Douglas Apartment District
CA-3C Old Town District
CA-3 Central Area General Commercial District
CA-42 Harris Green Commercial District
CA-43 Pandora Harris Green District
CA-47 Y Lot1 District
CA-48 Y Lot2 District
CA-4 Central Area Commercial Office District
CA-53 Central Area 737 Humboldt Street District
CA-58 Harris Green 947 Fort Street
CA-67 Fort Street Office District
CA-72 Fort Street Commercial Residential District
CA-73 Pandora And Cook Apartment District
CA-75 Pandora Vancouver Mixed Use District
CA-76 Fort Street Commercial And Cultural Facility District
CA-80 Central Area Belleville District
CA-81 Central Area Commercial Cannabis District
CA-84 Harris Green 930 Fort Street District
CA-90 Mid Cook District
CA-91 Harris Green 1400 Vancouver And 952 Johnson District
CA-92 Central Area 1015 Cook District
CA-93 Central Area 1114 Rockland District
CA-94 Harris Green 1468 Vancouver District
CA-9 Queen Victoria Hotel District
CA-HG Harris Green District
CA-OV Olympic View District
CBD-1-SITE-SPECIFIC Central Business District 1 Site Specific Regulations
CBD-1-SPECIAL Central Business District 1 Special
CBD-1 Central Business District 1
CBD-2-SITE-SPECIFIC Central Business District 2 Site Specific
CBD-2-SPECIAL Central Business District 2 Special
CBD-2 Central Business District 2
CCVC Craigdarroch Castle Visitor Centre
CD-10 Burnside Comprehensive Development District
CD-11 Rjh District
CD-12 Roundhouse District
CD-13 Royal British Columbia Museum
CD-14 Pemberton Comprehensive Development District
CD-15 Crosstown District
CD-16 Fernwood Comprehensive Development District
CD-17 Gladstone Comprehensive Development District
CD-18 Harris Green Comprehensive Development District
CD-1 Selkirk Comprehensive District
CD-2 Legislative Precinct Comprehensive District
CD-4 Fairfield Block Comprehensive District
CD-5 Railyards Residential Commercial District
CD-7 Cook Street Village District
CD-8 Chown Place Comprehensive Development District
CD-9 Dockside District
CHP-CR Cathedral Hill Precinct Commercial Residential District
CHP-OB Cathedral Hill Precinct Office Building District
CHP-PARK Cathedral Hill Precinct Public Parks District
CHP-PB Cathedral Hill Precinct Public Buildings District
CHP-R3 Cathedral Hill Precinct Multiple Dwelling District
CHP-RO Residential Office Buildings District
CR-3C Commercial Residential Catherine Street District
CR-3M-1 Commercial Residential Apartment Cook Street Village District
CR-3M-2 Commercial Residential Apartment Sutlej District
CR-3M Commercial Residential Apartment Modified District
CR-3OB Oak Bay Commercial Residential District
CR-3 Commercial Residential Apartment District
CR-4-OB Oak Bay Commercial Residential District
CR-4C Upper Cook Cannabis District
CR-4 Upper Cook Commercial Residential District
CR-5 Commercial Residential Pembroke District
CR-6 Commercial Residential Fernwood Village District
CR-C2 Cook2 Commercial Residential District
CR-CO Commercial Residential Cook And Oliphant District
CR-CP Cook And Pendergast District
CR-C Cook Commercial Residential District
CR-DH Douglas Hillside District
CR-D Dallas Residential Commercial District
CR-E Erie Residential Commercial District
CR-FB Commercial Residential Fort And Belcher District
CR-F Fernwood Commercial Residential District
CR-GI Gorge And Irma District
CR-G Commercial Residential Gorge Road District
CR-MA Commercial Residential Mason Street District
CR-M Menzies Commercial Residential District
CR-NP North Park Commercial Residential District
CR-OB Oak Bay Commercial District
CR-OR Oak Bay And Redfern District
CR-P2 Parkway District
CR-Q Quadra Commercial District
CR-SC Commercial Residential Southgate And Cook Streets District
CR-S Commercial Residential Superior District
CRP Cecelia Ravine Park District
FWM Fishermans Wharf Marine District
GWP Gorge Waterway Park District
IH-PARK-R Inner Harbour Parks And Causeway Restaurant District
IH-PARK Inner Harbour Parks And Causeway District
IHBA Inner Harbour Bastion District
IHB Inner Harbour Beacon District
IHE Inner Harbour Empress District
IHF-1 Inner Harbour Finlayson Rental Business District
IHF Inner Harbour Finlayson District
IHH Inner Harbour Heritage District
IHMC Inner Harbour Mcquades District
IHM Inner Harbour Malahat District
IHR Inner Harbour Regent District
IHSN Inner Harbour Ship Point North District
IHSR Inner Harbour Ship Point Recreation District
IHSS Inner Harbour Ship Point South District
IHT2 Inner Harbour Terminal District
IHT3 Inner Harbour Commercial District
IHT Inner Harbour Transportation District
KM-MD Kingston And Montreal Streets Multiple Dwelling And Marine Commercial District
KMH Kingston And Montreal Streets Hotel And Marine Commercial District
LP-1 Douglas Building District
M-1-B Burnside Road Light Industrial District
M-1-FR Frances Street Light Industrial District
M-1C Limited Light Industrial Cannabis District
M-1 Limited Light Industrial District
M-2-A Special Light Industrial District
M-2-CM Light Industrial Catherine And Mary Streets District
M-2-G Government Street Light Industrial District
M-2-NQ Nanaimo Quesnel Service District
M-2-Q Queens Avenue Light Industrial District
M-2C Light Industrial Cannabis District
M-2 Light Industrial District
M-3-BP Heavy Industrial And Brew Pub District
M-3B Bay Street Heavy Industrial District
M-3S Special Heavy Industrial District
M-3 Heavy Industrial District
M-4 Service Station And Heavy Industrial District
M-BP Brew Pub Industrial District District
M-G-3 Government Light Industrial 3 District
M-G-4 Government Light Industrial 4 District
M-S-1 Marine Service Outer Harbour District
M1-D Douglas Industrial District
M1-F Frances Industrial District
M1-R Russell Street Light Industrial District
M1-W William Industrial District
M2-B Bay Light Industrial District
M2-CM2 Mary Light Industrial District
M2-D Dunedin Light Industrial District
M2-GJ Government And John Street Light Industrial District
M2-I Douglas Blanshard Industrial District
M2-SC Songhees Cannabis District
M2-S Songhees Light Industrial District
M2-TB Tyee Bay Light Industrial District
M3-1 Heavy Industrial Cannabis District
M3-BH Bridge And Hillside Heavy Industrial District
M3-C Bay Commercial And Marine District
M3-G Government Heavy Industrial District
MD-1 Discovery Light Industrial District
MRD-1 Mixed Use Residential District 1
MS-2 Huron Residential And Marine Service District
MS-3 Kingston Hotel District
MS-4 Store Marina District
MS-6 Lime Bay District
OTD-1-SITE-SPECIFIC Old Town District 1 Site Specific Regulations
OTD-1 Old Town District 1
P-CR Princess Commercial Residential District
PB Public Buildings District
PL Parking Lot District
R-100 Richmond Road Multiple Dwelling District
R-101 Niagara Street District
R-102 Michigan Multiple Dwelling District
R-103 931 Mcclure Street District
R-104 Menzies Street Multiple Dwelling District
R-105 Multiple Dwelling 1125 Fort Street District
R-106 Multiple Dwelling Kings Road District
R-107 Multiple Dwelling 1114 Mcclure District
R-11 Central Area 900 Block Yates Street District
R-12 Gorge Road Multiple Dwelling District
R-13 Belmont Avenue Multiple Dwelling District
R-14 Masters Road Multiple Dwelling District
R-15 Caledonia Avenue Multiple Dwelling District
R-16 Mason Street Multiple Dwelling District
R-17 Caledonia Multiple Dwelling District
R-18 Mid Rise Richmond Avenue Multiple Dwelling District
R-19 View Street Apartment District
R-2-CH Church And Two Family Dwelling District
R-2-D Two Family Dwelling Albany Street District
R-2-E Extended Two Family Dwelling District
R-2-G Two Family Dwelling Gonzales District
R-2-P Two Family Dwelling Pilot Street District
R-2-ST Two Family Dwelling South Turner District
R-2-T Two Single Family Dwellings District
R-2-V Two Family Dwelling Vista Street District
R-21 Hillside Avenue Apartment District
R-23 Gosworth Road Mid Rise Apartment District
R-24 Quadra Street Mid Rise Apartment District
R-25 Bonus 900 Yates Street District
R-27 Douglas Street Apartment District
R-28 Gosworth Hillside Apartment District
R-29 Hillside Mid Rise Apartment District
R-2 Two Family Dwelling District
R-30 900 Block Johnson Multiple Dwelling District
R-31 Begbie Fern Multiple Dwelling District
R-32 North Park Mid Rise District
R-33 North Park Apartment District
R-34 Gorge Townhouse And Apartment District
R-35 Kingston Apartment District
R-36 Willis Multiple Dwelling District
R-39 Fairfield Apartment District
R-40 Gorge Road Apartment District
R-43 Burnside Townhouse District
R-48 Harris Green District
R-49 Princess Apartment District
R-4 Church And Multiple Dwelling District
R-50 Meares Parking District
R-51 Pendray Apartment District
R-52 Meares Bed And Breakfast District
R-54 Burdett Apartment District
R-55 May Street Multiple Dwelling District
R-56 Quadra Street Multiple Dwelling District
R-59 Ellice Street Supported Housing District
R-60 Multiple Dwelling Vancouver Street District
R-61 Southgate Street Multiple Dwelling District
R-62 Multiple Dwelling Gorge District
R-63 Michigan Street District
R-64 Fernwood Multiple Dwelling District
R-65 Belleville Street Multiple Dwelling District
R-66 Quadra Street Conversion Multiple Dwelling District
R-68 Rock Bay Motel Conversion District
R-69 Multiple Dwelling Gorge And Irma District
R-6 Multiple Dwelling Rupert Terrace District
R-70 Gorge Road Motel Conversion District
R-71 Queens Avenue Multiple Dwelling District
R-72 Park Boulevard Multiple Dwelling District
R-73 Rockland Avenue Multiple Dwelling District
R-74 Ground Oriented Multiple Dwelling District
R-75 Chambers North Park Multiple Dwelling District
R-76 Oak Bay Avenue Multiple Dwelling District
R-77 Blanshard And Discovery Multiple Dwelling District
R-78 Mcclure Street Multiple Dwelling District
R-79 Low Rise Multiple Dwelling District
R-7 Townhouse District
R-80 Niagara Multiple Dwelling District
R-81 Speed And Frances Multiple Dwelling District
R-82 Caledonia Multiple Dwelling District
R-84 Mount Edwards Court Residential District
R-85 Douglas Street Motel Conversion District
R-86 Ground Oriented May Street District
R-87 Fifth Street Multiple Dwelling District
R-88 Niagara And Thetis Multiple Dwelling District
R-89 Gorge Road Multiple Dwelling District
R-8 Low Profile Fernwood And Johnson Streets District
R-90 Quadra Street Multiple Dwelling District
R-91 North Park Residential District
R-92 Caledonia Residential District
R-93 Cook Street Multiple Dwelling District
R-94 Cook Street Residential District
R-95 Balmoral Multiple Dwelling District
R-96 Elford Residential District
R-97 Mount Saint Angela Seniors Housing District
R-98 Dallas Road Multiple Dwelling District
R-99 Multiple Dwelling Richardson District
R-BA Bay Street Attached Dwelling District
R-BB Single Family Dwelling Bed And Breakfast District
R-GT Grant Street Townhouse District
R-H-1 Rowhouse Dwelling District
R-H-2 Row House Dwelling Hillside Cook District
R-H-4 Row House Dwelling Windermere District
R-J-D Dallas Road Attached Dwelling District
R-J-R-S Low Density Attached Dwelling Rudlin Street District
R-J-R Russell Street Attached Dwelling District
R-J Low Density Attached Dwelling District
R-K-L Ladysmith Townhouse District
R-K-P2 Pembroke Multiple Dwelling 2 District
R-K-P Pembroke Multiple Dwelling District
R-K-R Richardson Street Attached Dwelling
R-K-SR Superior Street Attached Dwelling District
R-K-S Shelbourne Street Attached Dwelling District
R-K Medium Density Attached Dwelling District
R-N-1 Elora Residential Nursing Home District
R-N-2 Rockland Residential Nursing Home District
R-N-3 Shelbourne Street Nursing Home District
R-N Residential Nursing Home District
R-S-1 Superior Townhouse And Bed And Breakfast District
R1-10 Richmond Apartment District
R1-11 Chestnut Apartment District
R1-13 Trutch Bed And Breakfast District
R1-14 Vancouver Bed And Breakfast District
R1-15 Linden Bed And Breakfast District
R1-17 Lee Bed And Breakfast District
R1-18 Eberts Bed And Breakfast District
R1-19 Begbie Single Family Dwelling District
R1-21 Faithful Bed And Breakfast District
R1-22 Ormond Bed And Breakfast District
R1-23 Linden2 Bed And Breakfast District
R1-24 May Bed And Breakfast District
R1-25 Springfield Dwelling District
R1-26 Cridge Centre District
R1-28 Langham Court Single Family Dwelling District
R1-29 Manchester Conversion District District
R1-2 Gladstone Single Family Dwelling District
R1-30 Hollywood Crescent Single Family Dwelling District
R1-31 Moss Conversion Distict
R1-33 Pemberton Conversion District
R1-34 Beverley Place Conversion District
R1-35 Langford Street District
R1-36 Richardson Street Conversion District
R1-37 Dominion Street Daycare District
R1-38 Bank Street Daycare District
R1-39 Cambridge Single Family Dwelling
R1-3 Saint Charles Detached Dwelling District
R1-40 Cambridge 2 Single Family Dwelling District
R1-41 Dallas Restricted Conversion District
R1-42 Richmond Panhandle District
R1-44 Collinson Restricted Conversion District
R1-45 Sylvia Street Conversion District
R1-46 Skinner Street Daycare District
R1-47 Washington Cottage Cluster District
R1-48 Burdett Conversion District
R1-49 Fernwood Conversion District
R1-4 Saint Charles Single Family Dwelling District
R1-50 Edgeware Road Rest Home District
R1-51 Washington 8 Cottage Cluster District
R1-5 Cook Extended Use Dwelling District
R1-6 Saint Charles Bed And Breakfast District
R1-7 Bank Duplex District
R1-8 Montreal Day Care District
R1-9 Fort Bed And Breakfast District
R1-A-P Pemberton Single Family Dwelling District
R1-A10 Carberry Bed And Breakfast District
R1-A11 Rockland5 Bed And Breakfast District
R1-A12 Carberry Bed And Breakfast District
R1-A13 Pemberton Townhouse District
R1-A14 Manor Bed And Breakfast District
R1-A15 Pemberton2 Single Family Dwelling District
R1-A16 Saint Charles3 Single Family Dwelling District
R1-A17 Laurel Lane Conversion District
R1-A4 Rockland Special District
R1-A5 Rockland Saint Charles Townhouse District
R1-A6 Rockland Bed And Breakfast District
R1-A7 Rockland2 Bed And Breakfast District
R1-A8 Rockland3 Bed And Breakfast District
R1-A9 Rockland4 Bed And Breakfast District
R1-A Rockland Single Family Dwelling District
R1-B-GS2 Single Family Dwelling With Garden Suite District
R1-B-GS3 Single Family Dwelling With a Garden Suite Dallas Road District
R1-B-GS4-C1 Single Family Dwelling With Garden Suite And Limited Commercial Moss Street District
R1-B-GS5 Single Family Dwelling With Garden Suite Clawthorpe Avenue District
R1-B-GS Single Family Dwelling With Garden Suite District
R1-B-M Single Family Dwelling Mcclure Street District
R1-B-PL Single Family Temporary Parking Lot District
R1-B-RA Single Family Dwelling Raynor District
R1-B-R Single Family Richardson Street District
R1-BB1 Oxford Bed And Breakfast District
R1-B Single Family Dwelling District
R1-CA Camosun Street Conversion District
R1-C Single Family Dwelling Extended Use
R1-DC Single Family Dwelling Day Care Parking Bonus District
R1-FB Single Family Foul Bay Road District
R1-F Single Family Fairfield Road District
R1-G2 Gonzales Small Lot District
R1-G4 Single Family Gonzales Chandler District
R1-G5 Small Lot Single Family Dwelling Robertson District
R1-G6 Chadwick Place Single Family Dwelling District
R1-G8 Foul Bay Single Family Dwelling District
R1-G Gonzales Single Family Dwelling District
R1-HC Three Family House Conversion District
R1-HH Heart House District
R1-K Kindergarten House Conversion District
R1-L Single Family Dwelling Linden District
R1-M1 Hillside Medical District
R1-MS Single Family Dwelling May District
R1-M Single Family Dwelling Neighbourhood Medical District
R1-NH Newcombe House District District
R1-P Single Family Dwelling Princess Avenue District
R1-QB Quadra Street Bed And Breakfast District
R1-S-C Croft Street Small Lot District
R1-S-G Grant Street Small Lot District
R1-S10 Bay Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-S11 Simcoe Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-S13 Saint James Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-S14 Lewis Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-S15 Davie Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-S16 Niagara Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-S17 Finlayson Small Lot Two Storey
R1-S19 Springfield Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-S1 Restricted Small Lot One Storey District
R1-S2-C Restricted Small Lot Two Storey Chambers District
R1-S20 Mary Dundas Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-S21 Mckenzie Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-S22 Grant Small Lot District
R1-S25 Pembroke Street Restricted Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-S26 Restricted Small Lot Haultain Street District
R1-S28 Restricted Small Lot With Secondary Suite Pearl Street District
R1-S29 Restricted Small Lot Oswego Street District
R1-S2 Restricted Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-S30 Powell Street Small Lot District
R1-S31 Restricted Small Lot With Secondary Suite Fullerton Street District
R1-S3 Asquith Street Small Lot District
R1-S4 Caledonia Avenue Small Lot District
R1-S5 Rudlin Small Lot District
R1-S7 Vista Small Lot One Storey District
R1-S8 Walnut Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-S9 Fernwood Small Lot Two Storey District
R1-SC Restricted Small Lot Commercial District
R1-SDC Scott Street Daycare District
R1-SLVH Single Family Storage Lot Vehicle Sales District
R1-S Single Family Dwelling Small Lot District
R1-TR Trutch Street Conversion District
R1-VAN Single Family Vancouver Street District
R1-YH Single Family Youth Hostel District
R2-10 Bay Duplex District
R2-13 Cedar Hill Duplex
R2-14 Reed Duplex District
R2-15 Haultain Duplex District
R2-16 Gonzales Duplex District
R2-17 Gorge Duplex District
R2-18 Bushby Carroll Duplex District
R2-1 Foul Bay Duplex District
R2-20 Spring Duplex District
R2-22 Government Dwelling District
R2-23 Cedar Hill Dwelling District
R2-24 Menzies Bed And Breakfast District
R2-25 Caledonia Duplex District
R2-26 Saint Andrews Bed And Breakfast District
R2-27 Medana Bed And Breakfast District
R2-28 Superior Bed And Breakfast District
R2-29 Kingston Bed And Breakfast District
R2-2 Gosworth Duplex District
R2-30 Medana Bed And Breakfast District
R2-31 Saint Andrews2 Bed And Breakfast District
R2-32 Simcoe Bed And Breakfast District
R2-33 Government Bed And Breakfast District
R2-34 Cambridge Duplex District
R2-35 Saint Lawrence Strata District
R2-36 Dallas Conversion District
R2-37 Government2 Bed And Breakfast District
R2-38 Fifth Duplex District
R2-39 Bay Residential District
R2-3 Caledonia Extended Attached Dwelling District
R2-40 Johnson Duplex District
R2-41 Haultain Duplex District
R2-42 Simcoe2 Bed And Breakfast District
R2-43 540 Two Family Dwelling District
R2-44 Michigan Multiple Dwelling District
R2-45 Princess Residential District
R2-46 Richmond Residential District
R2-47 Government Secondary Suite District
R2-48 Oswego Duplex District
R2-49 South Turner Conversion District
R2-4 Haultain Attached Dwelling District
R2-50 Suffolk Duplex District
R2-52 Two Family Dwelling Leonard Street District
R2-53 Wilson Attached Dwelling District
R2-54 Restricted Duplex Dallas Road District
R2-55 Duplex With Secondary Suite Chamberlain District
R2-56 Superior Street Conversion District
R2-57 Two Single Family Dwellings Richmond District
R2-58 Toronto Street Conversion District
R2-59 Two Family Dwelling Haultain District
R2-5 Belmont Duplex District
R2-60 Two Family Dwelling Queens District
R2-61 Washington Townhouse District
R2-62 Two Family Dwelling Robertson District
R2-64 Simcoe Duplex Plus District
R2-8 Davie Duplex District
R2-9 Balfour Duplex District
R2-GR Duplex Grant District
R2-H Haultain Street Duplex District
R2-K Two Family Dwelling Kings District
R2-MS Two Family Dwelling Moss District
R2-M Two Family Dwelling Michigan District
R2-SH Two Family Dwelling Shakespeare District
R2-SJ Two Family Dwelling San Jose Avenue District
R2-S Two Family Dwelling With Suites
R2-W Duplex Washington District
R3-1 Multiple Dwelling District
R3-2 Multiple Dwelling District
R3-A-SC Low Profile Multiple Dwelling Senior Citizen District
R3-A1-SO Southgate Low Profile Multiple Dwelling District
R3-A1 Low Profile Multiple Dwelling District
R3-A2 Low Profile Multiple Dwelling District
R3-AM-1 Mid Rise Multiple Dwelling District
R3-AM-2H Mid Rise Hillside Avenue Multiple Dwelling District
R3-AM-2 Mid Rise Multiple Dwelling District
R3-AM-3 Mid Rise Multiple Dwelling Heywood District
R3-AM-4 Mid Rise Multiple Dwelling Burdett District
R3-AM-5 Mid Rise Multiple Dwelling Fort District
R3-AM-BM Mid Rise Burdett And Mcclure District
R3-AM-E Mid Rise Multiple Dwelling Esquimalt Road District
R3-AM-F Mid Rise Fairfield Road Multiple Dwelling District
R3-AM-H Humbolt Valley Mid Rise District
R3-B Bonus Multiple Dwelling District
R3-C-B Central Area Business Office District
R3-C-VS Central Area Vehicle Sales
R3-C-V Central Area Residential Vancouver District
R3-C-Y Central Area Residential Yates Street District
R3-C Central Area Residential District
R3-G-K Garden Apartment Kiwanis District
R3-G-QV Garden Apartment Quadra Villa District
R3-G Garden Apartment District
R3-H High Density Multiple Dwelling District
R3-L Low Density Multiple Dwelling District
R3-M Medium Density Multiple Dwelling District
R3-NP Multiple Dwelling North Park District
R3-P Multiple Dwelling Parry Street District
R3-Q Multiple Dwelling Quebec Street District
R3-S Special Multiple Dwelling District
R3-V Multiple Dwelling View Street District
RJ-10 Jackson Street Townhouse District
RJ-1 Rockland Triplex District
RJ-2 Catherine Guest District
RJ-3 Wilson Townhouse District
RJ-4 Mary Transient District
RJ-5 Mary2 Transient District
RJ-6 Dallas Transient District
RJ-7 Dallas Two Family Dwelling District
RJ-9 Mccaskill Attached Dwelling District
RK-10 Balmoral Studio District
RK-11 Fairfield Townhouse District
RK-12 Superior Townhouse District
RK-13 Fairfield Bed And Breakfast District
RK-14 Dallas Townhouse District
RK-15 North Park Townhouse District
RK-16 Shelbourne3 Townhouse District
RK-17 Meares Townhouse District
RK-18 Linden Bed And Breakfast District
RK-19 Richardson Townhouse District
RK-21 Chester Townhouse District
RK-22 Pendray Dwelling District
RK-23 Niagara Street District
RK-24 Kingston Street Multiple Dwelling District
RK-25 Shelbourne4 Townhouse District
RK-26 Ontario Street Townhouse District
RK-27 Saint Lawrence Street Townhouse District
RK-28 Fernwood Multiple Dwelling District
RK-2 Washington Townhouse District
RK-3 Shelbourne Townhouse District
RK-4 Elora Townhouse District
RK-5 Mary Street Townhouse District
RK-6 Shelbourne Townhouse District
RK-7 Scott Townhouse District
RK-8 Humboldt Bed And Breakfast District
RK-9 Cook Townhouse District
RK-F Fairfield Road Ground Oriented Dwelling District
RK-M Montreal Street Ground Oriented Dwelling District
RK-VW2 Vic West Attached Dwelling Double Row – General Area District
RMD-1 Residential Mixed Use Broughton Street District
RMD-2 Residential Mixed Use Fort Street District
RN-4 Superior Street Nursing Home District
RS-1 Single Family Infill Dwelling District
RTM Traditional Residential Multiple Dwelling District
RT Traditional Residential Attached Dwelling District
S-10-CP Services Clover Point District
S-11 Limited Service Cannabis 2 District
S-12 Douglas And Kings Limited Service District
S-1 Limited Service District
S-2 Special District
S-3 Modified Limited Service District
S-5 Government Street Service District
S-6 Dunedin Limited Service District
S-7 Douglas Limited Service District
S-8 Garbally Limited Service District
S-PH Point Hope Shipyards District
SA-1 Saint Anns Academy District
SBP-5 Tyee Business District
SBP-6 Tyee Business District
SCR-1 Songhees Commercial District
SCR-2 Songhees Commercial District
SD-1 Dockside District
SD-2 Dockside District
SLC Songhees Limited Commercial District
SMD-10 Songhees Multiple Dwelling District
SMD-11 Songhees Multiple Dwelling District
SMD-12 Songhees Multiple Dwelling District
SMD-14 Songhees Housing District
SMD-1 Songhees Multiple Dwelling District
SMD-2 Songhees Multiple Dwelling District
SMD-3 Songhees Multiple Dwelling District
SMD-5 Songhees Multiple Dwelling District
SMD-6 Songhees Multiple Dwelling District
SNC-1 Songhees Wilson Park Commercial District
SNC-2 Songhees Wilson Park District
SOC Songhees Office Commercial District
SRW Songhees Waterfront Residential District
SSC Songhees Social Club District
SSR Saghalie Road District
ST-2 Songhees Sitkum Print Plant District
STR-1 Songhees Transient Accommodation Residential District
STR-2 Songhees Transient Accommodation Residential District
T-10 Kingston And Quebec Streets Transient Accommodation District
T-11 Belleville Street Transient Accommodation District
T-12 Kingston Street Transient Accommodation District
T-13 Vancouver Street Transient Accommodation District
T-16 Gorge Road Transient Accommodation District
T-19 Douglas Transient Accommodation District
T-1 Limited Transient Accommodation District
T-20 Kingston Transient Accommodation District
T-21 Quebec3 Transient Accommodation District
T-23 Government And Marifield Transient Accommodation District
T-24 Quebec 4 Accommodation District
T-25 Mcclure Transient Accommodation District
T-26 Laurel Point District
T-2 Special Transient Accommodation District
T-3 Transient Accommodation District
T-4 Modified Transient Accommodation District
T-5 Belleville Street Transient Accommodation District
T-6 James Bay Transient Accommodation District
T-8 Dallas Road Street Transient Accommodation District
T-9 Michigan Street Transient Accommodation District
URMD Urban Residential Multiple Dwelling District
VHP Victoria Harbour Park District

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What is Zoning?

Zoning codes are a century old, and the lifeblood of all major U.S. cities, determining what can be built where and what activities can take place in a neighborhood. Zoning is how cities control the development and use of land. Zoning defines the legally permitted and prohibited uses of a piece of land, determining if plot of land can be used for commercial, industrial, residential or agricultural purposes. Essentially, it determines what can and cannot be built on a property.

Zoning and Real Estate Values

Zoning is the first stage of the home life cycle and a key influence on all other stages. Zillow has identified that zoning regulations are so important that they impact home values. Zillow Research found that home values grew most in markets with the strictest land use regulations. Home values in the most restrictive metropolitan areas grew an average of 23.4%, more than double the home value appreciation in the least restrictive metros. Zoning regulations are determined locally and some cities can have more restrictive regulation systems than others. However, within a city’s zoning system individual zones can be more restrictive and less restrictive, including different single family zones.

Zoneomics has the largest breadth of zoning data coverage with over— 20 zoning related insights for you to integrate and expand your database. Including permitted land uses, rezonings, variances, density controls, built form controls, envelopes, housing supply data, employment generation, underutilized parcels, short term rental permissibility, proponents and developers

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