Zoning Data Delivery

Due to high volume of requests, We will make the zoning data for the selected County available in 1 week.

Counties will be processed in Descending Order, so place the County you want to be processed first at the top of the list.

You need to select at least 1 county to proceed




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What you pay today

Your initial payment can be as low as 25% of the total amount. This means that you can pay the remaining 75% at completion of time period.

Subscription Plan

Build your subscription plan in 4 quick steps

1. Choose your plan

Ideal for individuals and small business.
Limited to 1 seat per plan and 16 Reports per month.

Est. Activation: 1 Week

2. Select Counties

You can select up to 4 Counties for Zoning needs.

3. Select Add-ons (optional)

Prospect Pro Search

+$2000 per year
  • City specific auto prospecting tool
  • Bulk prospecting across jurisdictions
  • Filter a city by zone or permitted land use
  • Search for all lots that match a certain zone
  • Build your deal target by zoning rights

Zoning Report Generator

+$2,000 per year
  • Generate pre-populated zoning reports
  • Multiple zoning templates
  • White Label, Add your branding and contact information
  • Share reports with clients and colleagues

Zoning Data API

$2,499 per month

Charged annually @ $29,988 per annum

(includes up to 150,000 calls per month)

  • Zoning Data attributes
  • Permitted Land Uses attributes
  • Building Controls attributes
  • For internal use only